3 Degrees of Shallow, Comparative Degree of Shallow, Superlative Degree of Shallow

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Meaning of Shallow: of little depth.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Shallow

The comparative degree of Shallow is the the shallower, superlative degree of Shallow is the shallowest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Shallow shallower shallowest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Shallow:

  • The river was shallow enough to wade through.
  • The shallow pond was perfect for children to play in.
  • The beach had a shallow shoreline, making it safe for swimming.
  • The shallow end of the pool is ideal for beginners.
  • The creek was too shallow for larger boats to navigate.
  • The puddle was so shallow that it dried up quickly.
  • The shallow bowl couldn’t hold much soup.
  • The riverbed was shallow due to the dry season.
  • The shallow depth of the lake allowed us to see the bottom.
  • The shallow soil made it difficult to grow deep-rooted plants.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Shallow:

  • The lake is shallower than it was last year.
  • The pool’s deep end is deeper, while the shallower end is safer for kids.
  • The river becomes shallower as you move upstream.
  • The shallower the water, the easier it is to see the rocks.
  • The trench was shallower than anticipated, causing delays in construction.
  • The well is shallower than the one in our previous home.
  • The swimming pool is shallower compared to the Olympic-sized pool.
  • The creek near the town is shallower than the one in the mountains.
  • The shallower the bathtub, the quicker it fills up.
  • The hole dug by the dog was shallower than expected.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Shallow:

  • The pond in the park is the shallowest of all the nearby bodies of water.
  • The swimming pool with the shallowest section is the most suitable for young children.
  • The well in the village is known to be the shallowest in the region.
  • The creek in the desert is the shallowest I’ve ever seen.
  • The puddle in the driveway is the shallowest after the rain.
  • The shallowest part of the river is marked by buoys for safety.
  • The bay has the shallowest waters near the shore.
  • The sink in the bathroom is the shallowest among all the sinks in the house.
  • The shallowest part of the lake is where the fishing is most successful.
  • The trench dug for the pipeline is the shallowest along the entire route.

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