3 Degrees of Low, Comparative Degree of Low, Superlative Degree of Low

Meaning of Low: of less than the average height from top to bottom

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Low

The comparative degree of low is the lower, superlative degree of low is the lowest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for low.


Examples Using Positive Degree Of Low:

  • The volume of the music was low enough not to disturb others.
  • The chair was designed for low seating to promote relaxation.
  • The humming of the refrigerator was barely noticeable, it was so low.
  • The speaker spoke in a low tone to convey a sense of mystery.
  • The table was at a low height, perfect for children.
  • The streetlights emitted a soft and low glow.
  • The temperature in the room was kept low to save energy.
  • The fog created a low visibility situation for drivers.
  • The drone flew at a low altitude to capture close-up shots.
  • The cat purred in a low and soothing manner.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Low:

  • The volume of the radio was lower than the TV’s.
  • She spoke in a lower voice to avoid waking the baby.
  • The temperature outside is lower today compared to yesterday.
  • The car’s suspension was lower than usual due to the heavy load.
  • The airplane flew at a lower altitude to avoid turbulence.
  • The coffee shop’s prices are lower than the competitor’s.
  • The noise level in the library is kept lower for a peaceful environment.
  • The sun sank lower in the sky as evening approached.
  • The bridge was built at a lower elevation to accommodate larger ships.
  • The price of the product is lower during the sale period.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Low:

  • The volume of the radio was the lowest I could set it.
  • The temperature in the room was kept at the lowest setting.
  • The car’s fuel consumption is the lowest in its class.
  • The airplane flew at the lowest altitude possible for safety.
  • The coffee shop offers the lowest prices in town.
  • The noise level in the library is maintained at the lowest level.
  • The sun dipped to its lowest point on the horizon.
  • The bridge was constructed at the lowest point of the river.
  • The cat hid in the lowest corner of the house.
  • The price of the product is the lowest it has ever been.

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