3 Degrees of True, Comparative Degree of True, Superlative Degree of True

Meaning of True: in accordance with fact or reality.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of True

Comparative degree of true is truer, superlative degree of true is truest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
TRUE truer truest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of True:

  • His statement is true according to the evidence.
  • She gave a true account of the incident.
  • The witness testified with true honesty in court.
  • The documentary portrayed the true story of the event.
  • The rumors about their relationship were not true.
  • The scientist made a true discovery in the lab.
  • His words reflected his true intentions.
  • The historian provided a true depiction of the past.
  • The statement made by the politician is true.
  • The author presented a true representation of the character.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of True:

  • Her explanation is truer than his in this case.
  • The second theory seems truer than the first one.
  • The updated data provides a truer picture of the situation.
  • His perspective on the matter appears truer than others’.
  • The revised edition contains truer information.
  • The new evidence makes his claim truer.
  • Her analysis is considered truer by experts.
  • The revised report gives a truer understanding of the issue.
  • The recent research findings are truer than previous assumptions.
  • His explanation of the phenomenon is truer to the facts.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of True:

  • His statement is the truest among all the testimonies.
  • The final report provides the truest account of the incident.
  • The historian’s book is regarded as the truest source.
  • The documentary film offers the truest depiction of the event.
  • Her interpretation of the data is considered the truest.
  • The expert’s analysis is regarded as the truest understanding.
  • The updated edition of the textbook is the truest in terms of accuracy.
  • The scientist’s theory is considered the truest explanation.
  • The interview with the eyewitness provides the truest information.
  • The primary sources offer the truest glimpse into the past.

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