3 Degrees of Raw, Comparative Degree of Raw, Superlative Degree of Raw

Meaning of Raw: (of food) not cooked.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Raw

Comparative degree of Raw is rawer, superlative degree of Raw is rawest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Raw rawer rawest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Raw:

  • He ate a raw apple straight from the tree.
  • The sushi chef served raw fish delicacies.
  • The novice cook attempted to make a raw salad.
  • The artist used raw colors to create an abstract painting.
  • The explorer tasted raw honey from the beehive.
  • The climber consumed raw energy bars during the expedition.
  • The new recruit had a raw talent for playing the guitar.
  • The athlete’s muscles were raw after an intense workout.
  • The fashion designer used raw silk for the dress.
  • The writer poured out raw emotions into the novel.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Raw:

  • This steak is rawer than the one I had yesterday.
  • The fruit tastes rawer when it’s not fully ripe.
  • Her talent for acting was rawer in her early years.
  • The artist’s style became rawer over time.
  • The chef’s experimental dish was rawer than expected.
  • The musician’s early recordings were rawer than their later albums.
  • The athlete’s performance was rawer than usual.
  • The emotions in his music were rawer than ever before.
  • The fashion designer’s early sketches were rawer in concept.
  • The novel’s first draft was rawer than the final version.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Raw:

  • This is the rawest steak I’ve ever tasted.
  • The fruit is at its rawest when it’s freshly picked.
  • Her talent for singing is considered one of the rawest in the industry.
  • The artist’s early works are among the rawest in their portfolio.
  • The dish was prepared in its rawest form for authenticity.
  • The musician’s unreleased tracks are some of the rawest recordings.
  • The athlete’s determination was at its rawest during the championship.
  • The writer’s honesty in the memoir was the rawest in literature.
  • The fashion designer’s avant-garde collection is the rawest in their career.
  • The filmmaker’s documentary showcases the rawest human experiences.

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