3 Degrees of Near, Comparative Degree of Near, Superlative Degree of Near

Meaning of Near: at or to a short distance away; nearby.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Near

The comparative degree of Near is the nearer, superlative degree of Near is the nearest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Near nearer nearest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Near:

  • The grocery store is near to our house.
  • The coffee shop is near the office building.
  • We live in a house near the beach.
  • The hotel is near the train station.
  • The park is near the shopping center.
  • The bus stop is near the school.
  • The restaurant is near the movie theater.
  • Our office is near the city center.
  • The library is near the university campus.
  • The bakery is near my grandmother’s house.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Near:

  • The grocery store is nearer than the mall.
  • The coffee shop is nearer to the bus stop.
  • We live in a house nearer to the park.
  • The hotel is nearer to the airport.
  • The park is nearer to our new apartment.
  • The bus stop is nearer to the subway station.
  • The restaurant is nearer to the concert venue.
  • Our office is nearer to the residential area.
  • The library is nearer to the community center.
  • The bakery is nearer to the main road.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Near:

  • The grocery store is the nearest shop in the area.
  • The coffee shop is the nearest place to get a latte.
  • We live in the house nearest to the park entrance.
  • The hotel is the nearest accommodation to the convention center.
  • The park is the nearest green space in the city.
  • The bus stop is the nearest transportation hub.
  • The restaurant is the nearest dining option for lunch.
  • Our office is the nearest building to the parking lot.
  • The library is the nearest source of information.
  • The bakery is the nearest source of fresh bread.

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