3 Degrees of Light, Comparative Degree of Light, Superlative Degree of Light

Meaning of Light: having a sufficient amount of natural light; not dark.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Light

Comparative degree of light is lighter, superlative degree of light is lightest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for light.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Light lighter lightest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Light

  • The light rain started falling.
  • Her bag was surprisingly light.
  • His touch was light on her arm.
  • She wore light perfume.
  • The cake had a light texture.
  • She gave him a light push.
  • We had a light breakfast.
  • The bird’s flight was light and graceful.
  • He prefers light reading before bed.
  • The kitten’s fur was light gray.

Examples Using Comparative Degree Of Light

  • This suitcase is lighter than that one.
  • Today’s workload is lighter than yesterday’s.
  • Her hair is a lighter shade of brown.
  • The atmosphere felt lighter after he left.
  • The music is lighter in the other room.
  • This cake is lighter than the last one.
  • Her touch was lighter than a feather.
  • This fabric is lighter than silk.
  • Her laugh was lighter than air.
  • The coffee tastes lighter without sugar.

Examples Using Superlative Degree Of Light

  • This is the lightest suitcase I’ve ever lifted.
  • Her perfume was the lightest scent in the store.
  • She has the lightest hair in our family.
  • This meal is the lightest on the menu.
  • Of all the cakes, this one is the lightest.
  • She has the lightest touch when handling the artifacts.
  • Of all the colors, I prefer the lightest shade.
  • This book is the lightest read I’ve encountered.
  • He is the lightest sleeper in our group.
  • This room has the lightest feel to it.

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