3 Degrees of Hip, Comparative Degree of Hip, Superlative Degree of Hip

Meaning of Hip: sharp edge of a roof

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Hip

Comparative degree of hip is hipper, superlative degree of hip is hippest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for hip.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Hip hipper hippest

Examples Using Positive Degree of Hip:

  • She has a hip sense of style.
  • The dancer’s moves were hip and energetic.
  • The band played hip music all night long.
  • His outfit was hip and trendy.
  • The club attracts a hip and fashionable crowd.
  • She has a hip and edgy haircut.
  • The new restaurant has a hip atmosphere.
  • Their artwork is always hip and modern.
  • The movie had a hip soundtrack that everyone loved.
  • He has a hip and confident demeanor.

Examples Using Comparative Degree of Hip:

  • Her sense of style is hipper than mine.
  • The new dance moves are hipper than the old ones.
  • Their music is getting hipper with each album.
  • His fashion choices are hipper than ever.
  • The club down the street is hipper than this one.
  • She has a hipper hairstyle than before.
  • The bar has a hipper vibe on weekends.
  • The art gallery next door has hipper exhibits.
  • The movie’s soundtrack is hipper than expected.
  • His friends are all hipper and trendier than him.

Examples Using Superlative Degree of Hip:

  • She has the hippest sense of style in town.
  • The dancer’s moves were the hippest we’ve ever seen.
  • The band played the hippest music at the festival.
  • His outfit was the hippest of the night.
  • The club attracts the hippest crowd in the city.
  • She has the hippest haircut in her social circle.
  • The new restaurant has the hippest atmosphere around.
  • Their artwork is always the hippest and most innovative.
  • The movie had the hippest soundtrack of the year.
  • He has the hippest and most confident style of anyone.

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