3 Degrees of Dear, Comparative Degree of Dear, Superlative Degree of Dear

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Dear

The comparative degree of dear is dearer and Superlative degree of dear is dearest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for dear.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Dear dearer dearest

Examples Using Positive Degree of Dear:

  • She received a dear letter from her long-lost friend.
  • The little girl hugged her dear teddy bear tightly.
  • The couple shared a dear moment under the starry sky.
  • The grandfather cherished his dear memories of the past.
  • The teacher praised her dear student for his hard work.
  • The siblings shared a dear bond that couldn’t be broken.
  • The parents gave their child a dear pet as a birthday present.
  • The couple exchanged dear promises during their wedding vows.
  • The handwritten note was a dear reminder of their friendship.
  • The singer dedicated a song to his dear fans during the concert.

Example Using Comparative Degree of Dear:

  • The new employee quickly became dearer to the boss than anyone else.
  • The puppy’s eyes were even dearer than its wagging tail.
  • The necklace she received as a gift was dearer than any other possession.
  • The friends grew dearer to each other as they shared their secrets.
  • The second book in the series was dearer to fans than the first.
  • The handwritten letter was dearer to her than any email or text.
  • The smile on her face when she saw her loved ones was dearer than gold.
  • The mother’s love for her child only grew dearer with each passing day.
  • The vintage photo album was dearer to the family than any other item.
  • The childhood memories they created together became dearer as they grew older.

Example Using Superlative Degree of Dear:

  • Her grandmother’s wise advice was the dearest to her heart.
  • The family heirloom was the dearest possession they owned.
  • The bond between the twins was the dearest among all siblings.
  • The love shared between the couple was the dearest thing in their lives.
  • The heartfelt letter from her best friend was the dearest gift she received.
  • The childhood home held the dearest memories of their upbringing.
  • The support from her friends during a difficult time was the dearest to her.
  • The time spent with loved ones during holidays was the dearest to them.
  • The kindness shown by strangers in a foreign land was the dearest surprise.
  • The laughter shared among old friends was the dearest sound to their ears.

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