100 Examples of Common Nouns in Sentences

100 Examples of Common Nouns in Sentences! The English language is full of nouns that can be used to form sentences, and these can range from proper nouns to common nouns. Common nouns are words that refer to everyday objects and concepts, such as people, places, and things. In this article, we’ll take a look at 100 examples of common nouns used in sentences so you can get a better understanding of how they’re used in the English language.

What is a Common Noun?

A common noun is a type of noun that refers to a general, non-specific person, place, thing, or idea. It is a word that represents a class or category of objects or concepts, rather than a specific instance or individual.

Examples of common nouns include “chair,” “dog,” “city,” “book,” “idea,” and “person.” Common nouns are not capitalized unless they begin a sentence or are part of a title.

In contrast, proper nouns refer to specific, individual people, places, or things and are always capitalized, such as “John,” “New York City,” or “The Great Gatsby.”

100 Examples of Common Noun

  1. community
  2. money
  3. side
  4. lot
  5. issue
  6. case
  7. school
  8. car
  9. company
  10. night
  11. research
  12. day
  13. President
  14. head
  15. child
  16. system
  17. number
  18. power
  19. game
  20. hour
  21. place
  22. name
  23. service
  24. month
  25. teacher
  26. body
  27. woman
  28. art
  29. war
  30. house
  31. team
  32. home
  33. story
  34. man
  35. kind
  36. minute
  37. job
  38. state
  39. guy
  40. education
  41. member
  42. air
  43. history
  44. area
  45. change
  46. year
  47. hand
  48. business
  49. time
  50. week
  51. friend
  52. study
  53. word
  54. moment
  55. problem
  56. back
  57. law
  58. program
  59. eye
  60. others
  61. City
  62. fact
  63. office
  64. kid
  65. government
  66. mother
  67. book
  68. morning
  69. work
  70. room
  71. health
  72. country
  73. water
  74. right
  75. face
  76. idea
  77. end
  78. family
  79. information
  80. world
  81. thing
  82. result
  83. reason
  84. people
  85. force
  86. father
  87. student
  88. door
  89. life
  90. level
  91. parent
  92. part
  93. way
  94. girl
  95. point
  96. party
  97. question
  98. group
  99. line
  100. person

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100 Examples of Common Nouns in Sentences 1

100 Examples of Common Nouns in Sentences

  1. The community organized a fundraiser for the local park.
  2. She counted her money carefully before heading to the store.
  3. He prefers sleeping on the left side of the bed.
  4. I parked my car in the empty lot.
  5. Climate change is a pressing issue that requires urgent action.
  6. The case is still under investigation.
  7. The school principal announced a new policy on dress codes.
  8. I need to take my car to the mechanic for a tune-up.
  9. The company is considering expanding to international markets.
  10. She went for a walk at night to clear her head.
  11. The research team presented their findings at the conference.
  12. I’ll be busy all day tomorrow with back-to-back meetings.
  13. The President made a public statement about the crisis.
  14. He hit his head on the low doorway.
  15. The child giggled as she played with her toys.
  16. The computer system crashed and lost all the data.
  17. She memorized her phone number just in case.
  18. The power went out during the storm.
  19. He enjoys playing video games for hours on end.
  20. I’ll meet you at the coffee shop in an hour.
  21. The park is a beautiful place to have a picnic.
  22. My name is Sarah, what’s yours?
  23. She received excellent service at the restaurant.
  24. We’ll be moving to a new apartment next month.
  25. The teacher gave the students a challenging assignment.
  26. He injured his body during the football game.
  27. She is a talented woman who creates beautiful artwork.
  28. He served in the military during the war.
  29. The house needs a fresh coat of paint.
  30. The team won the championship game.
  31. I can’t wait to go home and relax.
  32. She wrote a heartwarming story about her grandmother.
  33. The man was tall and had a deep voice.
  34. He was a kind and generous person.
  35. The meeting will only take a few minutes.
  36. She enjoys her job as a graphic designer.
  37. The state government passed a new law.
  38. He’s a great guy to have as a friend.
  39. She’s pursuing a degree in education.
  40. He’s a member of the local book club.
  41. The air in the room was stuffy and hot.
  42. The history of the city is fascinating.
  43. The area is known for its natural beauty.
  44. We need to make a change to the schedule.
  45. The year is flying by.
  46. She held his hand as they walked through the park.
  47. He runs his own business and is very successful.
  48. I’ll see you next time we’re in town.
  49. Let’s plan to meet up next week.
  50. She’s been my best friend since kindergarten.
  51. He’s conducting a study on the effects of caffeine.
  52. We shared a special moment together.
  53. We need to find a solution to this problem.
  54. My back hurts from sitting at the desk all day.
  55. The law prohibits smoking in public places.
  56. She’s been working on a new program for months.
  57. She looked into his eyes and saw love.
  58. We need to consider the needs of others.
  59. City life can be hectic and overwhelming.
  60. The fact is that the project is behind schedule.
  61. She’s a single kid living in a small apartment.
  62. The government passed a new law regarding taxes.
  63. She called her mother to check in and say hello.
  64. He picked up a book to read during his morning commute.
  65. He woke up early in the morning to go for a run.
  66. She’s been working hard on her work project.
  67. The hotel room was clean and comfortable.
  68. He takes his health seriously and exercises regularly.
  69. The country is facing political unrest.
  70. The water in the lake is crystal clear.
  71. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech.
  72. She put on her makeup and smiled at her face in the mirror.
  73. His idea for the project was innovative and creative.
  74. They celebrated the end of the school year with a party.
  75. The family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner.
  76. The information she provided was helpful and informative.
  77. The world is constantly changing and evolving.
  78. He lost his things in the move and had to start over.
  79. The results of the experiment were inconclusive.
  80. There is no reason to be afraid.
  81. The people in the town are friendly and welcoming.
  82. The force of the storm was fierce and destructive.
  83. His father taught him how to fish.
  84. The students were excited about summer vacation.
  85. She closed the door quietly so as not to wake the baby.
  86. She enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.
  87. The level of competition is high in the industry.
  88. She’s a proud parent of two children.
  89. The party was a lot of fun.
  90. He asked a question to clarify the instructions.
  91. The group worked together to complete the project.
  92. The line for the concert was long but moved quickly.
  93. He’s a successful person in his field.
  94. They reached a compromise on the issue.
  95. She enjoys spending time with her girlfriends.
  96. He made an important point during the meeting.
  97. The party was a blast and everyone had a great time.
  98. She’s trying to solve a difficult problem at work.
  99. He’s a member of the local chess club.
  100. The airplane took off and climbed into the sky.


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100 Examples of Common nouns in Sentences

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