20 Examples of Common Nouns in Sentences

20 Examples of Common Nouns in Sentences! In this article, we will provide 20 examples of common nouns being used in sentences to help you better understand how they work. We’ll also discuss what makes a noun common so that you can use them correctly in your own writing.

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20 Examples of Common Noun

  1. Issue
  2. Party
  3. Child
  4. Student
  5. Community
  6. Book
  7. Mother
  8. Health
  9. Home
  10. Case
  11. Study
  12. Family
  13. End
  14. Woman
  15. Force
  16. Room
  17. Job
  18. Game
  19. Number
  20. Life

20 Examples of Common Nouns in Sentences

  1. The company is dealing with a difficult issue related to product safety.
  2. They threw a surprise birthday party for her.
  3. The child ran around the playground, laughing and having fun.
  4. The students were busy studying for final exams.
  5. The community came together to clean up the park.
  6. She borrowed a book from the library.
  7. She called her mother to wish her a happy birthday.
  8. He takes his health seriously and exercises regularly.
  9. She feels most comfortable at home.
  10. The police are investigating a criminal case.
  11. He’s conducting a study on the effects of caffeine on sleep.
  12. The family went on a camping trip and had a great time.
  13. The movie had a surprising ending.
  14. She’s a successful woman in a male-dominated industry.
  15. The force of the wind knocked down trees and power lines.
  16. The room was small but cozy.
  17. He’s looking for a new job in a different field.
  18. He’s obsessed with playing video games.
  19. She memorized her phone number in case of an emergency.
  20. He’s been reflecting on his life and making changes.

Common Nouns With Meaning

  1. Issue: a topic or problem that requires discussion or resolution
  2. Party: a social gathering of people for a specific purpose, such as a celebration or political activity
  3. Child: a young human being who is not yet an adult
  4. Student: a person who is studying at a school, college, or university
  5. Community: a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common
  6. Book: a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together and bound in covers
  7. Mother: a female parent of a child or children
  8. Health: the state of being free from illness or injury
  9. Home: a place where one life, especially with one’s family
  10. Case: a particular instance of something; a situation requiring investigation or action
  11. Study: a detailed investigation and analysis of a subject or situation
  12. Family: a group consisting of parents and their children, or relatives
  13. End: the final part of something; the point at which something finishes
  14. Woman: an adult female human being
  15. Force: physical strength or energy; coercion or compulsion
  16. Room: a space in a building enclosed by walls, floor, and ceiling
  17. Job: a paid position of regular employment
  18. Game: an activity engaged in for pleasure or competition
  19. Number: a mathematical value expressed in digits or symbols
  20. Life: the existence of an individual organism, including physical and mental experiences and events.

20 Examples of Common nouns in Sentences

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