50 Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences

50 Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences50 Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences

  1. Never put off doing something that can be done today until tomorrow.
  2. Yesterday, I came across her on the street.
  3. Don’t put off what needs to be done today until tomorrow.
  4. You won’t make it to tomorrow if you hide.
  5. There is no tomorrow when a friend asks.
  6. In the first fit, he who had never been sick before dies.
  7. Wise men use tonight, while fools look forward to tomorrow.
  8. Never postpone what you can do today until tomorrow.
  9. Radar can now be used to monitor the coastline.
  10. A ringing bell is never heard.
  11. It was later discovered that she had failed the exam.
  12. The president’s message was broadcast on all radio and television stations yesterday.
  13. Never put something off until tomorrow when you can do it today.
  14. Latin is now taught to only a small percentage of students.
  15. Three years later, I ran into her again.
  16. What will we eat for dinner today?
  17. Every now and then, the minister gives a sermon.
  18. Unrecognized anger can lead to problems later in life.
  19. Yesterday, the president arrived in California by helicopter.
  20. A threat of a blow is rarely delivered.
  21. The head of a fish is always the first to rot.
  22. Never give a sucker a fair chance.
  23. They are never alone, and their thoughts are always noble.
  24. Money is frequently lost due to a lack of funds.
  25. Did you go to university the day before yesterday?
  26. These concepts have now been discarded entirely.
  27. “I only wish I had known!
  28. She has regained her fame after a period of eclipse.
  29. Never postpone what you can do today until tomorrow.
  30. Money has a way of unmaking the men who make it.
  31. When two dogs fight over a bone, they rarely agree.
  32. Men, for the most part, are blind to their own flaws.
  33. A fool’s reckoning is never accurate.
  34. A hen today is preferable to an egg tomorrow.
  35. Tomorrow, the rules will be implemented.
  36. Nothing can be borrowed from tomorrow.
  37. When a maiden has a lot of suitors, she usually picks the worst.
  38. The President pardoned the two spies yesterday.
  39. They are now living in relative luxury.
  40. The buttered side of the bread always falls down.
  41. Right now, the future appears to be bleak.
  42. I’ll make a decision about going abroad later.
  43. A great soul can often be found in a small body.
  44. Today’s hour is worth two hours tomorrow.
  45. It’s never too late to start over.
  46. Telling the truth isn’t always possible.
  47. That man who falls today might get back up the next day.
  48. I have a few things to take care of right now.
  49. Riches aren’t always accompanied by joy.
  50. When you’re a devil, you’re always a devil.