15 Examples of Common nouns in Sentences

15 Examples of Common nouns in Sentences15 Examples of Common nouns in Sentences

  1. Before catching the bear, sell the bear‘s skin.
  2. The mice will play while the cat is away.
  3. It is necessary to use a pen or a pencil.
  4. Cricket is the quintessential English sport.
  5. A tame animal is a cat.
  6. Give the winter wheat to the wolf.
  7. Friendships at the table quickly deteriorate.
  8. Is it possible for me to connect my printer to your computer?
  9. Team sports include football, cricket, and hockey.
  10. The pencil will break if you press too hard on it.
  11. The old dog still has life in him.
  12. While stealing cream, the cat closes its eyes.
  13. The truck slid across the road on its side.
  14. The worm is caught by the early bird.
  15. The alligator then swelled up.