50 Examples of Common nouns in Sentences

50 Examples of Common nouns in Sentences50 Examples of Common nouns in Sentences

  1. Your mother showed me pictures of you as a baby.
  2. A living dog is preferable to a lion that has died.
  3. A tiger mauled and killed the zookeeper.
  4. Our factory has begun producing boots for children.
  5. A silent dog and still water should be avoided.
  6. Both the wolf and the fox are privateers.
  7. An old dog is incapable of learning new tricks.
  8. Is the new computer system to your liking?
  9. The baby was sound asleep in his cradle.
  10. No birds are caught by the obnoxious fowler.
  11. March arrives as a lion and departs as a lamb.
  12. Her coat is a little longer than her hips.
  13. This truck can carry a maximum load of ten tonnes.
  14. Football and cricket are both sports that are played outside.
  15. I was a typical lanky teenager.
  16. I can’t write with this stub of a pencil.
  17. Every mother’s son or child is attractive.
  18. He was engrossed in his work on his computer.
  19. There is one major flaw in this computer.
  20. There are several compartments in your pencil box.
  21. Tiger Woods was the first to take the tee.
  22. The tiger ripped its prey apart.
  23. The toddler indicated the toy he desired.
  24. Under the arms, this coat is a little too tight.
  25. It’s obvious that the cat ate it!
  26. A new computer system necessitates extensive retraining.
  27. She scribbled something down in pencil.
  28. Crawling across the floor, the baby
  29. The audience enjoys watching attacking cricket.
  30. The roof is supported by these columns.
  31. The worm is caught by the early bird.
  32. The young mother was oohing and ahhing about the baby.
  33. He can’t bear being mocked.
  34. Friends are attempting to console the bereaved adolescent.
  35. I assisted him in removing his boots.
  36. Nobody can bear him because he is so rude.
  37. Her car collided with a truck.
  38. He draped a tablecloth over the square table.
  39. As a teenager, she was completely messed up.
  40. Even as a teenager, he was prone to depression.
  41. In her fingers, she twirled the pencil around.
  42. Make sure to write your homework in ink rather than pencil.
  43. The baby is still unable to feed itself.
  44. His most recent toy is a computer.
  45. He couldn’t bear the miserable English weather.
  46. Before it can walk, a baby crawls.
  47. A typical male tiger weighs around 200 kilograms.
  48. He can’t bear being mocked.
  49. With her table napkin, she dabbed her mouth.
  50. The wolf is drawn out of the woods by hunger.