100 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences

Adverbs of place are adverbs that give information about where an action is happening. They can be used to describe the location, direction, or distance of the action. Understanding how to use adverbs of place in a sentence can help writers communicate their ideas more effectively. In this article, we will explore 100 examples of adverbs of place used in sentences.

What is an Adverb of Place?

An adverb of place is a type of adverb that describes where an action is taking place or the location of something. Adverbs of place can provide more information about the verb in a sentence by answering questions such as “Where?” or “To where?” Some examples of adverbs of the place include:

  • Here: I am here.
  • There: The store is over there.
  • Everywhere: We searched everywhere for the missing keys.
  • Somewhere: The restaurant is somewhere in this neighborhood.
  • Away: The birds flew away.
  • Upstairs: She is studying upstairs.
  • Downstairs: He is watching TV downstairs.
  • Outside: It’s a beautiful day outside.
  • Inside: The dog is inside the house.
  • Far: The hotel is far from here.

100 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences 1

100 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences

  1. I left my keys behind the couch.
  2. The store is located there in the mall.
  3. The plane was flying down through the clouds.
  4. The dog ran out of the house when the door was left open.
  5. The restaurant is near the park.
  6. She’s studying abroad in Paris for a year.
  7. It’s too hot to play indoors today.
  8. I’m going downstairs to do some laundry.
  9. He’s working upstairs in his office.
  10. The sun rises in the east every morning.
  11. The moon is above us in the sky.
  12. I need to get away from the city for a while.
  13. The gas station is off the highway.
  14. The post office is nearby the library.
  15. The car is parked back there, next to the dumpster.
  16. I climbed up the ladder to reach the roof.
  17. The beach is far from our hotel.
  18. I’ll meet you anywhere you want.
  19. The bird is flying towards its nest.
  20. Can you tell me where the nearest hospital is?
  21. The airplane is flying over the ocean.
  22. The fish are swimming under the dock.
  23. The book is on the shelf, next to the dictionary.
  24. I left my jacket in the car.
  25. The cat is hiding inside the box.
  26. He went elsewhere to find a job.
  27. I’m waiting for you for about 10 minutes.
  28. The party is happening here in my backyard.
  29. She walked backward to avoid the puddle.
  30. The treasure is buried below the ground.
  31. The kids are playing outside in the backyard.
  32. The bus is stopping here at this corner.
  33. The flowers are blooming everywhere in the garden.
  34. I’m heading west for my vacation.
  35. The plane flew over the mountains.
  36. The ants are crawling under the rug.
  37. The painting is hanging above the sofa.
  38. I’m hiding behind the tree.
  39. The car is parked off the street, in the alley.
  40. The grocery store is near the bank.
  41. He’s studying abroad in Japan next year.
  42. I prefer to work indoors when it’s raining outside.
  43. I’m going upstairs to take a nap.
  44. The sun sets in the west every evening.
  45. The birds are chirping outside my window.
  46. I live nearby the park, so I go there often.
  47. The dog is sleeping under the bed.
  48. The movie is playing in the theater across the street.
  49. The basketball went out of bounds.
  50. The cat jumped up on the counter to steal some food.
  51. The birdhouse is hanging above the tree branch.
  52. The rabbits are burrowing under the fence.
  53. The painting is displayed in the museum.
  54. The party is happening inside the house due to the rain.
  55. The car is parked out on the street, next to the fire hydrant.
  56. The library is down the street, next to the school.
  57. The restaurant is in the basement of the building.
  58. The clock is hanging above the door.
  59. The cat is hiding behind the curtains.
  60. The school is located near the park.
  61. I’m going out of town for the weekend.
  62. The movie theater is upstairs in the mall.
  63. The sun is shining down on the beach.
  64. The train is heading east towards the city.
  65. The hotel is nearby the airport.
  66. The puppy is playing outside in the yard.
  67. The spider is crawling up the wall.
  68. The plane is flying above the clouds.
  69. The fish are swimming in the pond.
  70. The cat is sleeping inside the house.
  71. The picnic is happening near the river.
  72. The treasure is hidden away in the forest.
  73. The dog is digging under the fence.
  74. The airplane is flying toward the sunset.
  75. The restaurant is downstairs in the building.
  76. The office is upstairs on the second floor.
  77. The sun is setting in the west.
  78. The store is outside the mall.
  79. The kids are running around the playground.
  80. The plant is growing in the pot.
  81. The book is located on the shelf.
  82. The spider is hiding behind the lamp.
  83. The store is located near the gas station.
  84. The tree is growing up towards the sky.
  85. The car is parked in the garage.
  86. The party is happening inside the tent.
  87. The bird is flying above the trees.
  88. The dogs are playing outside in the yard.
  89. The plane is flying over the ocean.
  90. The book is located inside the library.
  91. The fish are swimming underneath the bridge.
  92. The car is parked away from the entrance.
  93. The stars are shining above the mountains.
  94. The kids are playing down by the river.
  95. The movie is playing in the theater.
  96. The book is located on the table.
  97. The spider is hiding under the bed.
  98. The restaurant is located near the beach.
  99. The sun is shining outside.
  100. The treasure is buried underneath the X on the map.


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