100 Examples of Proper Nouns in Sentences

100 Examples of Proper Nouns in Sentences100 Examples of Proper Nouns in Sentences

  1. Except on Mondays, the restaurant is open every day.
  2. We flew from Paris to Athens.
  3. It used to be that they had a Mercedes Benz.
  4. In 1871, Germany was unified.
  5. Daniel appears to be depressed and gloomy.
  6. Janet Magnusson was uninterested in his approach.
  7. He took us all the way to Russia’s border.
  8. Blonde hair was very noticeable in China.
  9. The plane had entered Russian airspace.
  10. Daniel shifted his weight nervously from one foot to the other.
  11. She is adamant about retaining her Wimbledon title.
  12. China has a long civilizational history.
  13. It’s Tuesday today, so it’ll be Wednesday tomorrow.
  14. Is it possible for you to start on Monday?
  15. What was the length of Queen Victoria’s reign?
  16. Mary was Jim‘s first choice for a wife.
  17. This morning, I ran into Simon.
  18. Minerals abound in China.
  19. There’s a palpable sense of tension between Amy and Jim.
  20. Jim made a despondent gesture with his hands.
  21. In the north, China is bordered by Russia.
  22. A large Mercedes was approaching from the opposite direction.
  23. The show will air on Tuesday night next week.
  24. After much deliberation, I decided on a Mercedes estate.
  25. In Germany, the bank recently opened a branch.
  26. Were you familiar with one of my friends, Daniel Green?
  27. Buddhism arrived in China around the year 67 AD.
  28. The beer was supposed to be barreled the following Monday.
  29. Is he capable of defeating the current Wimbledon champion?
  30. Learning Russian was required in East Germany.
  31. China is a vast country with a long and illustrious history.
  32. He returned home after tearing himself away from Paris.
  33. The earth is orbited by about 100 Russian satellites.
  34. Simon exclaimed, “Treacle tart! Yummy!”
  35. Mary was Jim‘s first choice for a wife.
  36. Germany is a major economic force.
  37. The plane started its descent towards Paris.
  38. The dress is based on a Parisian model.
  39. On Monday, the lady returned from Boston.
  40. A Mercedes has a certain aura about it.
  41. Janet burst out laughing and screaming.
  42. From Monday to Thursday, she will be in town.
  43. Daniel and I went for a row.
  44. He returned to Germany for a nostalgic visit.
  45. Janet gave him a snide remark.
  46. She is the current Wimbledon champion.
  47. Jim claimed that his brother was a card cheater.
  48. Janet is stunning.
  49. Acupuncture is thought to have originated in China.
  50. She’s performing in a Paris nightclub.
  51. Crime is becoming a more serious issue in Russian society.
  52. Wimbledon has served as a springboard for many players.
  53. Shenyang is located in China‘s northeastern region.
  54. Daniel completed the article and sat the newspaper on his desk.
  55. The assailant was tracked down in Paris.
  56. How long are you planning on staying in Paris?
  57. Daniel looked at her with admiration in his eyes.
  58. Jim snatched a piece of cake from the plate.
  59. Maria was conversing with the child in baby talk.
  60. As she stepped outside, Maria shuddered.
  61. As the men got closer, Maria became more concerned.
  62. From Tuesday to Friday, we’ll be in New York.
  63. He needed to travel to Germany.
  64. Our office is open Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
  65. Maria was able to slam on the brakes just in time.
  66. I have a Titanic miniature that is very detailed.
  67. Tune in to our exclusive Wimbledon coverage.
  68. Maria had a crush on a boy from the corner.
  69. Is it possible to schedule an appointment for Monday?
  70. Janet twisted her ankle after slipping on the stairwell.
  71. Now it’s time for Simon Ingram to take over the sports desk.
  72. The Monday premiere is completely sold out.
  73. Toyota is the most well-known foreign automobile manufacturer.
  74. At Wimbledon, Sampras made it to the quarterfinals.
  75. Is it possible to meet on Tuesday?
  76. In Paris, he used to frequent a brothel.
  77. She wished she could go back to Paris.
  78. China‘s capital city is Beijing.
  79. He continued to cast a glance at Simon.
  80. “But I’ve only just arrived,” Simon grumbled.
  81. “Wonderful,” Daniel exclaimed.
  82. Fruit is exported from this country to China.
  83. Will she be able to defend her Wimbledon title?
  84. Last Monday, I met him in a hotel lobby.
  85. On Monday, the law court will reopen.
  86. Every year at Wimbledon, she provides commentary on the sport.
  87. Chekhov’s input to Russian literature is this.
  88. At Wimbledon next week, he is seeded 14th.
  89. The country of Switzerland is sandwiched between France and Germany, Austria and Italy.
  90. He debated whether or not he should travel to China.
  91. At the war memorial, the Queen placed a poppy wreath.
  92. Daniel, get up! It’s now your turn to speak.
  93. Daniel, what exactly are you implying?
  94. Maria had a mass of curly hair and was small and plump.
  95. Mary’s older sister is Janet.
  96. I asked Simon to give me a back massage.
  97. Maria laughed as she looked at him.
  98. It was the year in which the United Kingdom proclaimed war on Germany.
  99. Simon is sick with the flu and is unable to work.
  100. She had to postpone her trip to Paris.
  101. Maria was the name given to their second child.
  102. Janet worked as an editor for a number of different publishers.
  103. They travelled to Poland by train from Germany.
  104. Austria is located in the southeast corner of Germany.
  105. The audience was enthralled by the film Titanic.
  106. He said, “Hello Maria,” and she blushed once more.
  107. We spent our honeymoon in Paris for a few days.
  108. Smith was remanded in custody and will be back in court on Tuesday.
  109. Is it possible for you to put Janet on?
  110. Make every effort to schedule the football game for Tuesday.
  111. Jim is still stumbling his way through life.
  112. The Russian leader was greeted by children waving flags.
  113. Janet regarded him with scorn.
  114. The meeting was called to a halt and was postponed until Tuesday.
  115. After waking up, Jim strewn his limbs aimlessly.
  116. At halftime, Germany introduced a substitute.
  117. Maria‘s 62-year-old mother was killed in the massacre.
  118. Make an effort to schedule the session for Tuesday.
  119. The Toyota keys were handed over by Rob.
  120. After a nail-biting final, Germany won the championship.
  121. Jim was a wonderful father and husband.
  122. On Tuesday night, the baby was supplied safely.
  123. The Toyota Camry has leather seats as an option.
  124. He displayed his finest China.
  125. Our financial advisor is Mr. Daniel.
  126. Simon! I haven’t seen you in a long time.
  127. This vehicle is manufactured in China.