100 Examples of Prepositions in Sentences

100 Examples of Prepositions in Sentences100 Examples of Prepositions in Sentences

  1. The closer you get to church, the further you get from God.
  2. The test of a man’s character is his wealth.
  3. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
  4. Prepare for war in times of peace.
  5. It took a long time for Rome to be built.
  6. The noble soul holds itself in high regard.
  7. Cut your coat to fit the fabric.
  8. The wealthy have no shortage of relatives.
  9. Every man can find a fish in the sea.
  10. Never let your rage get the best of you.
  11. Before you point the finger at others, be aware of your own flaws.
  12. Go in search of wool and return home shorn.
  13. Nobody thanks the person who serves everyone.
  14. The greatest love breeds the greatest hatred.
  15. Before you sing, learn to say.
  16. The true cost of love is love.
  17. A fool at forty is still a fool.
  18. Envy shoots at others while also injuring herself.
  19. The head of a fish is always the first to rot.
  20. The greatest of victories is self-conquest.
  21. There are blemishes in (or on) the total.
  22. Minds that get along are more likely to associate.
  23. It’s the safest way to make peace with a sword in hand.
  24. Blood cannot be extracted from a stone.
  25. The shadow of virtue is glory.
  26. Pity is a level of love that is quickening.
  27. Do as the Romans do in Rome.
  28. Misfortunes arrive on wings and fly away.
  29. A snake in one’s heart is a bad conscience.
  30. Lie down in the bed you’ve made.
  31. There’s a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing.
  32. There is no such thing as a royal path to learning.
  33. Music has the power to calm the ferocious beast.
  34. We aren’t created to live for ourselves.
  35. It is preferable to die with honor than to live with shame.
  36. Intemperance has nothing to do with health.
  37. At your leisure, marry in haste repent.
  38. He who goes to bed thirsty is healthy when he wakes up.
  39. Men meet strange bedfellows as a result of adversity.
  40. No one ever went from good to bad all at once.
  41. The devil can use the Bible to his advantage.
  42. Never speak ill of those who have passed away.
  43. Every setback adds to one’s learning experience.
  44. Every cock has its own dunghill to crow on.
  45. There’s nothing on a lot of good food.
  46. Time is a fluttering bird that never stops flying.
  47. The letters SAVE hold the key to wealth.
  48. What I’ve done is the result of careful consideration.
  49. One sin leads to the commission of another.
  50. Virtue springs from a mercenary’s heart.
  51. A man’s teeth can be used to dig his grave.
  52. Little acorns grow into mighty oaks.
  53. Gaining teaches you how to spend.
  54. With good company, no journey is too long.
  55. Respond to a fool in accordance with his folly.
  56. Poverty introduces men to unusual bedfellows.
  57. With one eye, cry, and the other, laugh.
  58. We are in the midst of life, but we are also in the midst of death.
  59. There is no limit to how much you can learn.
  60. Death liberates us from our ailments.
  61. Everything that comes into his net is a fish.
  62. A happy person is unlikely to go insane.
  63. The quickest route is to keep good company on the road.
  64. The renewal of love is the falling out of lovers.
  65. He who is afraid of suffering is afraid of suffering.
  66. Arrogance’s boast quickly turns to shame.
  67. Wicked men obey out of fear, while good men obey out of love.
  68. Using your teeth to dig your own grave.
  69. Spots of an enemy are quickly identified.
  70. There is no relish in butter to butter.
  71. Mountains appear to be beautiful from afar.
  72. He who is down on his knees with him.
  73. Everyone has a crook in their midst.
  74. Flies do not fly into a boiling pot.
  75. On its stomach, an army marches.
  76. On the finest cloth, a spot is most visible.
  77. There is safety in the multitude of counsellors.
  78. inthe dark, a good name retains its lustre.
  79. It’s better to master one than ten.
  80. He who does the most things at once does the least.
  81. Doubt is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.
  82. Don’t say anything until you’re out of the woods.
  83. He who is enraged is rarely at ease.
  84. There is no way to avoid fate.
  85. From cradle to grave, life is a battle.
  86. Money lust is the source of all evil.
  87. Rosewater isn’t used to start revolutions.
  88. Far away from the eye, far away from the heart.
  89. Love is never repaid, but it is always rewarded with true love.
  90. It’s a fantastic space to go from words to actions.
  91. Man is the architect of his own well-being.
  92. Honest men marry quickly, while wise men do not marry at all.
  93. Illness frequently follows a period of worsening.
  94. It’s not love at first sight.
  95. Place the shoe on the appropriate foot.
  96. It is beneficial to the soul to have open confession.
  97. No one can do two things at the same time.
  98. If you want peace, be ready to fight.
  99. A powerful flame can erupt from a small spark.
  100. You always repent when you rely on others.