Chimney Plural, What is the Plural of Chimney?

Meaning: a vertical channel or pipe which conducts smoke and combustion gases.

Plural of CHIMNEY

Singular Plural
Chimney Chimneys

Synonyms of CHIMNEY

  • fireplace
  • flue
  • stack
  • vent
  • furnace
  • hearth
  • pipe

Chimney as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Smoke billowed out of the chimney on the old house.
  2. We roasted marshmallows by the cozy chimney.
  3. The chimney sweep came to clean the sooty flue.
  4. Santa Claus slid down the chimney on Christmas Eve.
  5. The brick chimney stood tall and sturdy.
  6. We gathered around the crackling fire in the chimney.
  7. The warm air from the fireplace rose up the chimney.
  8. The house had a beautiful stone chimney.
  9. The chimney emitted a faint smell of burning wood.
  10. The wind blew smoke back down the chimney.

Chimney as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The old houses had multiple chimneys protruding from the roofs.
  2. The historic district featured houses with distinctive brick chimneys.
  3. The rooftops were adorned with ornate chimneys.
  4. The birds built nests on top of the chimneys.
  5. The snow covered the tall chimneys during the winter storm.
  6. We watched the smoke rise from the factory’s tall chimneys.
  7. The charming cottages had quaint stone chimneys.
  8. The chimneys added character to the neighborhood skyline.
  9. The chimney sweeps were busy cleaning the town’s many chimneys.

Singular Possessive of Chimney

The singular possessive form of “Chimney” is “Chimney’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Chimney:

  1. The smoke emerges from Chimney’s top.
  2. The height of Chimney’s is impressive.
  3. The construction of Chimney’s requires skilled workers.
  4. Chimney’s purpose is to release exhaust gases.
  5. The maintenance of Chimney’s is necessary for safety.
  6. The brickwork on Chimney’s exterior is well-crafted.
  7. Chimney’s historical significance cannot be overlooked.
  8. The design of Chimney’s complements the building’s architecture.
  9. The function of Chimney’s is to facilitate ventilation.
  10. Chimney’s smokestack can be seen from afar.

Plural Possessive of Chimney

The plural possessive form of “Chimney” is “Chimneys'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Chimney:

  1. The smoke emerges from multiple Chimneys’ tops.
  2. The heights of Chimneys’ vary across the cityscape.
  3. The constructions of Chimneys’ require specialized expertise.
  4. Chimneys’ purpose is to release exhaust gases safely.
  5. The maintenance of Chimneys’ is crucial for efficient operation.
  6. The brickworks on Chimneys’ exteriors are beautifully done.
  7. Chimneys’ historical significance is a testament to industrial heritage.
  8. The designs of Chimneys’ blend with their respective buildings.
  9. The functions of Chimneys’ are essential for proper ventilation.
  10. Chimneys’ smokestacks create a striking skyline.

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