Axilla Plural, What is the plural of Axilla?

Meaning of Axilla

The meaning of AXILLA is: the space below the shoulder through which vessels and nerves enter and leave the upper arm; a person’s armpit.

Singular and Plural of Axilla

The plural of Axilla is axillae. Here are some example sentences Axilla synonyms of Axilla.


Axilla as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor examined the patient’s swollen axilla.
  2. She applied deodorant to her clean axilla.
  3. The massage therapist worked on the tense muscles in the axilla.
  4. The nurse inserted the needle into the patient’s axilla for a vaccination.
  5. The athlete injured his axilla during the game.
  6. The physical therapist applied heat to the sore axilla.
  7. The dermatologist noticed a rash in the patient’s axilla.
  8. The doctor palpated the lymph nodes in the patient’s axilla.
  9. The x-ray revealed a fracture in the patient’s axilla.
  10. The nurse carefully bandaged the wound in the patient’s axilla.

Axilla as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The medical students studied the anatomical structures of the axillae.
  2. The surgeon operated on both axillae to remove the tumor.
  3. They examined the lymph nodes in the patient’s swollen axillae.
  4. The physical therapist applied gentle pressure to both axillae.
  5. The mammogram detected abnormalities in the patient’s bilateral axillae.
  6. The doctors observed swelling and redness in the patient’s inflamed axillae.
  7. They analyzed the lymphatic drainage patterns of the bilateral axillae.
  8. The textbook provided detailed information about the muscles in the axillae.
  9. The dermatologist recommended using an antiperspirant for both axillae.
  10. The medical researcher conducted a study on the anatomy of the human axillae.

Singular Possessive of Axilla 

The singular possessive form of “Axilla” is “Axilla’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Axilla:

  1. The axilla’s warmth provided comfort on the cold night.
  2. Please be cautious of the axilla’s sensitive skin.
  3. I admired the beauty of the flower tucked under the axilla’s leaves.
  4. The doctor examined the patient’s axilla’s lymph nodes.
  5. She felt a tingling sensation in her axilla’s armpit.
  6. The athlete applied deodorant to prevent the axilla’s odor.
  7. The surgeon made an incision in the axilla’s upper region.
  8. He gently massaged the axilla’s muscles to relieve tension.
  9. The tight-fitting shirt accentuated his well-defined axilla’s shape.
  10. The tickling sensation in the axilla’s hair made her giggle.

Plural Possessive of Axilla 

The plural possessive form of “Axilla” is “Axillae’s”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Axilla:

  1. The doctor examined both patients’ axillae’s lumps.
  2. She took care of her axillae’s hygiene to avoid odor.
  3. The dancers extended their axillae’s graceful movements.
  4. The tight dress revealed the models’ slender axillae’s curves.
  5. He admired the tattoo inked on his axillae’s skin.
  6. The swimmers protected their axillae’s sensitive skin from chlorine.
  7. The masseuse applied oil to the clients’ axillae’s armpits.
  8. The gymnasts’ choreography emphasized their flexible axillae’s rotations.
  9. The bodybuilder’s well-defined muscles included sculpted axillae’s.
  10. The doctor examined the athletes’ axillae’s range of motion.

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