Berry Plural, What is the Plural of Berry?

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Meaning of Berry

The meaning of Berry is a small roundish juicy fruit without a stone.

Singular and Plural of Berry, Berries in English

Singular Plural
Berry Berries

Synonyms of Berry

  • bean
  • grain
  • kernel
  • haw
  • hip
  • pome
  • seed
  • drupe
  • drupelet

Berry as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She picked a ripe, juicy berry from the bush.
  2. The dessert was garnished with a single plump berry.
  3. The smoothie had a burst of flavor from the blended berry.
  4. He savored the sweetness of the ripe strawberry berry.
  5. The chef used a fresh raspberry berry to decorate the plate.
  6. She enjoyed a handful of antioxidant-rich blueberries for a healthy berry
  7. The hiker stumbled upon a wild blackberry berry in the forest.
  8. The farmer carefully inspected the ripeness of each individual berry.
  9. The garden boasted a variety of colorful and delicious berries.
  10. The forager collected a basket full of wild berries for jam-making.

Berry as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The bowl was filled with an assortment of fresh, vibrant berries.
  2. They enjoyed a medley of sweet and tangy berries in their fruit salad.
  3. The farmers’ market offered a wide selection of seasonal berries.
  4. The pie was bursting with a mixture of plump, ripe berries.
  5. She made a delicious jam using a combination of different types of berries.
  6. The smoothie was blended with a handful of frozen mixed berries.
  7. The children happily picked wild berries during their nature hike.
  8. The breakfast buffet included a refreshing bowl of mixed berries.
  9. The chef created an exquisite dessert featuring a variety of fresh berries.
  10. The bakery sold delectable pastries filled with fresh cream and berries.

Singular Possessive of Berry:

The singular possessive form of “Berry” is “Berry’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Berry:

  1. The ripe berry’s sweetness was irresistible.
  2. She picked the largest berry’s from the bush.
  3. The baker used the berry’s juice in the pie.
  4. The child stained their shirt with the berry’s juice.
  5. He enjoyed the tartness of the berry’s flavor.
  6. The hiker snacked on the fresh berry’s during the trail.
  7. The chef decorated the dessert with the berry’s garnish.
  8. The farmer sold the finest quality berry’s at the market.
  9. The botanist studied the anatomy of the berry’s seeds.
  10. The smoothie was packed with the goodness of the berry’s nutrients.

Plural Possessive of Berry:

The plural possessive form of “Berry” is “Berries'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Berry:

  1. The gardeners harvested the ripe berries’ bounty.
  2. The pastry chef created a masterpiece using the berries’ flavors.
  3. The smoothie was bursting with the freshness of the berries’ essence.
  4. The farmers’ market showcased a variety of berries’ colors.
  5. The nutritionist emphasized the health benefits of the berries’ antioxidants.
  6. The recipe called for a handful of the berries’ sweetness.
  7. The shoppers lined up to purchase the freshly picked berries’ batch.
  8. The winemaker carefully selected the finest berries’ for the wine.
  9. The ice cream parlor offered a tempting array of berries’ toppings.
  10. The botanists researched the genetic diversity of the berries’ species.

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