Cup Plural, What is the Plural of Cup?

Meaning: a small bowl-shaped container for drinking from, typically having a handle.

Plural of CUP



  • bowl
  • drink
  • cupful
  • demitasse
  • mug
  • beaker
  • cannikin
  • chalice

Cup as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She sipped her coffee from a ceramic cup.
  2. He won a silver medal in the championship cup.
  3. The bartender poured beer into a frosted cup.
  4. She carefully held the delicate china cup.
  5. He drank a refreshing glass of iced cup.
  6. The tea cup had an intricate floral pattern.
  7. She enjoyed her hot chocolate in a cozy cup.
  8. He admired the trophy cup displayed on the shelf.
  9. The barista handed her a to-go cup for her latte.
  10. She bought a souvenir cup from the tourist shop.

Cup as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The barista served steaming lattes in ceramic cups.
  2. They celebrated their victory with champagne-filled cups.
  3. The guests toasted to the couple’s happiness with crystal cups.
  4. The kitchen cabinets were filled with colorful cups and mugs.
  5. They raised their plastic cups in a cheer.
  6. The waitstaff cleared the empty wine cups from the tables.
  7. The children drank from small juice cups.
  8. The guests admired the elegant silver cups on the display.
  9. They enjoyed a variety of teas in porcelain cups.
  10. The bar served craft beers in frosty glass cups.

Singular Possessive of Cup

The singular possessive form of “Cup” is “Cup’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cup

  1. I drank from the cup’s golden rim.
  2. The waiter refilled my cup’s contents.
  3. The artist painted a portrait of the cup’s design.
  4. We admired the elegance of the cup’s handle.
  5. The archaeologist discovered the cup’s ancient origins.
  6. The host raised a toast with the cup’s wine.
  7. The poet described the beauty of the cup’s porcelain.
  8. The collector added the cup’s rare edition to their collection.
  9. The barista perfected the art of the cup’s foam.
  10. The child sipped from the cup’s colorful straw.

Plural Possessive of Cup

The plural possessive form of “Cup” is “Cups'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cup

  1. The waiters carried the trays of cups’ handles.
  2. The caterers filled the cups’ contents with precision.
  3. The shop displayed the cups’ intricate designs.
  4. We admired the craftsmanship of the cups’ engravings.
  5. The collectors sought the rarest cups’ editions.
  6. The café served coffee in various cups’ sizes.
  7. The team compared the cups’ durability.
  8. The athletes celebrated their victory with the cups’ trophies.
  9. The vendors displayed the cups’ vibrant colors.
  10. The party guests raised their cups’ spirits high.

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