30+ Slang for Women (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Do Women Mean?

Women are adult human females, typically distinguished from men by their biological and reproductive characteristics. They play vital roles in society and culture, contributing to various fields and aspects of life.

Slang For Women

Slang Words for Women

Here is the list of slang words for Women:

  1. Ladies
  2. Gals
  3. Chicks
  4. Babes
  5. Femmes
  6. Dames
  7. Divas
  8. Queens
  9. Sistas
  10. Girls
  11. Sheilas
  12. Broads
  13. Babysis
  14. Dolls
  15. Missies
  16. Betties
  17. Femmes Fatales
  18. Lasses
  19. Sisters
  20. Womenfolk
  21. Fillies
  22. Grrrls
  23. Madams
  24. Females
  25. Henchies
  26. Womxn
  27. Shes
  28. She-Devils
  29. Wimmin
  30. Ma’ams

Slang Terms for Women with Meanings

  1. Ladies: Polite term for adult women.
  2. Gals: Informal term for women.
  3. Chicks: Casual term for young women.
  4. Babes: Affectionate term for attractive women.
  5. Femmes: French-inspired term for women.
  6. Dames: Sophisticated term for women.
  7. Divas: Confident and talented women.
  8. Queens: Strong and empowered women.
  9. Sistas: Informal term for sisters, friends.
  10. Girls: Informal term for females.
  11. Sheilas: Australian slang for women.
  12. Broads: Casual term for women.
  13. Babysis: Endearing term for sisters.
  14. Dolls: Stylish and attractive women.
  15. Missies: Informal term for young ladies.
  16. Betties: Vintage slang for attractive women.
  17. Femmes Fatales: Alluring and dangerous women.
  18. Lasses: Informal term for young women.
  19. Sisters: Term for female siblings.
  20. Womenfolk: Collective term for women.
  21. Fillies: Playful term for young women.
  22. Grrrls: Alternative, empowered women.
  23. Madams: Respectful term for women.
  24. Females: Scientific term for women.
  25. Henchies: Strong, fit women.
  26. Womxn: Inclusive term for women.
  27. Shes: Casual term for females.
  28. She-Devils: Bold and confident women.
  29. Wimmin: Alternative spelling of “women.”
  30. Ma’ams: A polite term for older women.

Use of Women Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Attending the event with my favorite ladies.
  2. Met up with the group of gals.
  3. Hanging out with some cool chicks tonight.
  4. Complimented her outfit; she’s such a babe.
  5. The event was well-attended by confident femmes.
  6. The party was graced by elegant dames.
  7. She sings like a true diva on stage.
  8. Empowerment workshop brought together fierce queens.
  9. Celebrating a girls’ night with my closest sistas.
  10. Night out with the girls was amazing.
  11. Met a bunch of friendly Australian sheilas.
  12. The group of friends included some awesome broads.
  13. Spending quality time with my beloved babysis.
  14. The event was full of stylish dolls.
  15. Teenagers these days have their own lingo missies.
  16. Her retro style made her a real betty.
  17. The movie featured mysterious femmes fatales characters.
  18. Hanging out with the energetic young lasses.
  19. Weekend getaway with my supportive sisters.
  20. The festival showcased the talent of womenfolk.
  21. Cheerful bunch of young and spirited fillies.
  22. Inspired by the strength of riot grrrls.
  23. The event was hosted by respected madams.
  24. The study focused on the behaviors of females.
  25. The gym is popular for training strong henchies.
  26. The conference aimed to empower all womxn.
  27. Friends and family celebrated as our shes graduated.
  28. The theater featured a play about rebellious she-devils.
  29. A rally was organized by advocates for wimmin.
  30. The etiquette class emphasized respect for ma’ams.

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