20 Slang for Good Job (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Good Job Mean?

“Good job” is an informal phrase used to commend or praise someone for their commendable effort, achievement, or performance. It expresses approval and recognition of a task well done, often encouraging continued success.

Slang For Good Job

Slang Words for Good Job

Here is the list of slang words for Good Job with meanings:

  1. Props – Respect or recognition for achievement.
  2. Kudos – Praise for a job well done.
  3. Snaps – Recognition or applause.
  4. Ace – Exceptional skill or performance.
  5. Lit – Something that’s excellent or exciting.
  6. On point – Exactly right; perfect.
  7. Sick – Extremely good or impressive.
  8. Dope – Cool or awesome.
  9. Fire – Something outstanding or excellent.
  10. Bomb – Really good or impressive.
  11. Solid – Reliable or exceptional.
  12. Legit – Genuinely good or impressive.
  13. Epic – Extremely impressive or grand.
  14. Clutch – Performing well under pressure.
  15. Bangin’ – Really good or outstanding.
  16. Wicked – Extremely good.
  17. Rad – Awesome or excellent.
  18. Gold – The best; top-notch.
  19. Smash – Did exceptionally well.
  20. Nailed it – Performed perfectly.

Use of Good Job Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He got major props for that presentation.
  2. All the kudos go to our team lead.
  3. She deserved those snaps for her performance.
  4. That painting is absolutely ace.
  5. The concert was so lit last night.
  6. Your outfit is right on point today.
  7. That skateboard trick was sick!
  8. Your new song is absolutely dope.
  9. The chef’s new recipe is pure fire.
  10. Your design ideas are the bomb.
  11. That was a solid effort on the project.
  12. The documentary was legit impressive.
  13. That mountain climb was epic.
  14. Your last-minute save was clutch.
  15. The new cafe’s desserts are bangin’.
  16. That magic trick was wicked cool.
  17. The surfing at that beach is totally rad.
  18. Your poem was pure gold.
  19. You smash every challenge that comes your way.
  20. You totally nailed it with that speech!

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