30+ Slang for Young Person (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Young Person  Mean?

A young person refers to an individual in the early stages of their life, typically characterized by their youth and relatively low age. The specific age range that defines a “young person” can vary depending on cultural, social, and legal contexts.

Slang For Young Person

Slang Words for Young Person

Here is the list of slang words for Young person:

  1. Teen
  2. Youth
  3. Kid
  4. Youngster
  5. Whippersnapper
  6. Junior
  7. Adolescent
  8. Millennial
  9. Gen Z
  10. Tween
  11. Youngblood
  12. Sprout
  13. Pup
  14. Tot
  15. Sapling
  16. Cub
  17. Juvenile
  18. Rookie
  19. Newbie
  20. Greenhorn
  21. Youngling
  22. Youngling
  23. Whipper
  24. Hatchling
  25. Freshman
  26. Tyke
  27. Youngling
  28. Bambino
  29. Little one
  30. Mini

Slang Terms for Young Person with Meanings

  1. Teen: Adolescent age.
  2. Youth: Young individuals.
  3. Kid: Child or youngster.
  4. Youngster: Young person.
  5. Whippersnapper: Energetic and impertinent youth.
  6. Junior: Lower-ranking youth.
  7. Adolescent: Growing towards adulthood.
  8. Millennial: Generation born 1981-1996.
  9. Gen Z: Generation born after millennials.
  10. Tween: Preteen age.
  11. Youngblood: Young individual.
  12. Sprout: Young person.
  13. Pup: Inexperienced youth.
  14. Tot: Small child.
  15. Sapling: Young individual.
  16. Cub: Youngster, often animals.
  17. Juvenile: Young person or creature.
  18. Rookie: Novice or beginner.
  19. Newbie: Novice or newcomer.
  20. Greenhorn: Inexperienced individual.
  21. Youngling: Young person.
  22. Whipper: Energetic youth.
  23. Hatchling: Recently emerged young.
  24. Freshman: First-year student.
  25. Tyke: Small child.
  26. Youngling: Young person.
  27. Bambino: Italian for child.
  28. Little one: Young individual.
  29. Mini: Short for miniature.
  30. Junior: Younger individual.

Use of Young Person Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Going to the mall with my friends is a typical teen activity.
  2. The local community center hosts events for youth engagement.
  3. My little sister is such a creative kid when it comes to drawing.
  4. The soccer team is full of talented youngsters this season.
  5. That whippersnapper always has a witty comeback.
  6. She’s the junior member of the debate club.
  7. The school dance is a big deal for the adolescents.
  8. Many millennials are tech-savvy.
  9. Gen Z is known for its digital native status.
  10. Tweens enjoy activities that bridge childhood and adolescence.
  11. The local band is led by a talented youngblood on vocals.
  12. The park is a popular hangout for local sprouts.
  13. My new puppy is an adorable pup.
  14. Tots were playing in the park during the afternoon.
  15. The gardening club takes care of the young saplings.
  16. The zoo’s lioness gave birth to a litter of cubs.
  17. The nature reserve protects the habitats of various juveniles.
  18. The team welcomed a promising rookie to the roster.
  19. Online forums offer advice for newbies in the gaming world.
  20. The greenhorn chef nervously presented their first dish.
  21. The school’s theater production featured a talented cast of younglings.
  22. That energetic whipper is always organizing activities.
  23. The zoo celebrated the hatching of several new hatchlings.
  24. College life is an exciting journey for every freshman.
  25. The playground was filled with laughter from the playing tykes.
  26. The soccer tournament showcased the skills of the younglings.
  27. Our Italian friends often refer to children as bambinos.
  28. The daycare center is designed for the comfort of the little ones.
  29. The toy store has a section dedicated to minis of popular characters.
  30. The campus tour guide welcomed a group of prospective juniors.

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