20+ Slang for Job (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Job Mean?

A “job” refers to a specific task, role, or employment position in which an individual is hired to perform work or provide services in exchange for compensation, such as a salary or wages. It can also describe a person’s regular occupation or means of earning a living.

Slang For Job

Slang Words for Job

Here is the list of slang words for Job with meanings:

  1. Gig: A short-term employment opportunity.
  2. Stint: A person’s fixed period of work.
  3. Hustle: Informal side work for income.
  4. Grind: Daily routine or regular job.
  5. 9-to-5: A traditional full-time job.
  6. Shift: A scheduled work period.
  7. Racket: An occupation or business activity.
  8. Biz: Short for “business” or profession.
  9. Graft: Hard work, often manual labor.
  10. Post: A specific position or duty.
  11. Slot: A specific role or position.
  12. Jig: Informal term for a job.
  13. Craft: A person’s skilled occupation.
  14. Trade: A particular occupation or business.
  15. Spot: A job or position, often in entertainment.
  16. Tasker: Someone taking short tasks or assignments.
  17. Giggle: Informal, light work or job.
  18. Drill: Regular, often mundane job.
  19. Role: A specific duty or function.
  20. Beat: Regular route or task, often in journalism.

Use of Job Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms for the job:

  1. She found a gig as a graphic designer.
  2. His two-year stint at the company ended.
  3. I’ve got a weekend hustle selling crafts.
  4. Daily grind can be really tiring sometimes.
  5. She’s tired of the typical 9-to-5 life.
  6. He’s working the night shift today.
  7. Selling souvenirs is his main racket.
  8. He’s big in the tech biz now.
  9. Construction is hard graft, but pays well.
  10. He got a new post in the marketing department.
  11. There’s a slot available in the design team.
  12. Found a new jig at the bakery.
  13. Pottery is her main craft.
  14. She’s learning the baking trade.
  15. He landed a spot on a TV show.
  16. As a tasker, he does multiple assignments.
  17. The weekend job was just a giggle for him.
  18. Data entry felt like a daily drill.
  19. She plays a major role in the play.
  20. He covers the city beat for the newspaper.

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