20 Slang for Having Sex (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Having Sex Mean?

Engaging in sexual intercourse. A physical act between two individuals.

Slang For Having Sex

Slang Words for Having Sex

  1. Hooking up: Casual sexual encounter.
  2. Banging: Energetic intercourse.
  3. Smashing: Physical sexual activity.
  4. Shagging: British term for sex.
  5. Boning: Engaging in intercourse.
  6. Nailing: Act of sexual intercourse.
  7. Boinking: Playful term for sex.
  8. Hitting it: Casual sexual term.
  9. Tapping: Light-hearted phrase for sex.
  10. Fornicating: Formal term for sex.
  11. Rolling: Casual term for intimacy.
  12. Knocking boots: Euphemistic phrase.
  13. Plowing: Intimate physical connection.
  14. Pounding: Intense sexual act.
  15. Doin’ it: Casual term for sex.
  16. Mating: Biological term for reproduction.
  17. Romping: Playful intimacy.
  18. Slamming: Energetic sexual encounter.
  19. Laying: Act of sexual intimacy.
  20. Scoring: Achieving sexual conquest.

Use of Having Sex Slang in Example Sentences

  1. They were hooking up after the party.
  2. Are they really banging each other?
  3. Rumor has it they’re smashing.
  4. She admitted to shagging him last summer.
  5. They ended up boning on their second date.
  6. He boasted about nailing her.
  7. Everyone heard they were boinking.
  8. He’s been hitting it for months.
  9. Jake is tapping that, right?
  10. They were caught fornicating in the car.
  11. They spent the night rolling in bed.
  12. I think those two are knocking boots.
  13. He’s been plowing through his contacts.
  14. They were pounding all night.
  15. The neighbors heard them doin’ it.
  16. Some animals are mating for life.
  17. They were romping in the hayloft.
  18. They’re slamming each other, obviously.
  19. He ended up laying her friend.
  20. John’s been scoring a lot lately.

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