30+ Slang for White Person (with Meanings & Uses)

What Does White Person Mean?

A white person refers to an individual with light or pale skin color, often categorized under the broader racial classification of “Caucasian.” However, it’s important to note that racial and ethnic classifications are complex and can vary based on cultural and regional contexts.

The term “white person” is used to describe individuals of European descent, but it’s essential to approach discussions of race with sensitivity and respect for diverse perspectives.

Slang for White Person

Slang Words for White Person

Here is the list of slang words for White Person:

  1. Gringo
  2. Caucasian
  3. Anglo
  4. Honky
  5. Whitey
  6. Cracka
  7. WASP
  8. Paleface
  9. Peckerwood
  10. Haole
  11. Round-eye
  12. Gaijin
  13. Farang
  14. Laowai
  15. Guilao
  16. Salleh
  17. Bule
  18. Pakeha
  19. Toubab
  20. Mzungu
  21. Gadjo
  22. Gora
  23. Yovo
  24. Wazungu
  25. Blanco
  26. Branco
  27. Weißen
  28. Blanc
  29. Bai
  30. Lao

Slang Terms for White Person with Meanings

  1. Gringo: Often used in Latin America.
  2. Caucasian: Formal term for a white person.
  3. Anglo: English-speaking, especially White American.
  4. Honky: Derogatory slang for white people.
  5. Whitey: Informal, sometimes derogatory term.
  6. Cracka: Derogatory slang for white people.
  7. WASP: White Anglo-Saxon Protestant individual.
  8. Paleface: Historical term, Native American origin.
  9. Peckerwood: Southern US, derogatory for whites.
  10. Haole: In Hawaii, non-native person.
  11. Round-eye: Asian slang for Westerners.
  12. Gaijin: Foreigner in Japan, often white.
  13. Farang: In Thailand, means Westerner.
  14. Laowai: Foreigner in China, often white.
  15. Guilao: Cantonese slang for Westerner.
  16. Salleh: In Malaysia, for Westerners.
  17. Bule: In Indonesia, means foreigner.
  18. Pakeha: New Zealand, non-Maori person.
  19. Toubab: West African term for foreigner.
  20. Mzungu: East Africa, white foreigner.
  21. Gadjo: Romani language for non-Romani.
  22. Gora: South Asian slang for white.
  23. Yovo: West African, white foreigner.
  24. Wazungu: Swahili, a white foreigner.
  25. Blanco: Spanish term meaning white.
  26. Branco: Portuguese term meaning white.
  27. Weißen: German term meaning white.
  28. Blanc: French term meaning white.
  29. Bai: Mandarin, short for white person.
  30. Lao: Vietnamese, refers to foreigners.

Use of White Person Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. Many locals called him a Gringo.
  2. He identified as Caucasian on the form.
  3. She’s an Anglo living in Mexico City.
  4. Some people find Honky highly offensive.
  5. They mistakenly called him Whitey at school.
  6. That term Cracka can be hurtful.
  7. She’s a proud WASP from New England.
  8. Native Americans referred to settlers as Paleface.
  9. In prison, Peckerwood gangs can be found.
  10. Tourists in Hawaii are often called Haole.
  11. He felt out of place as a Round-eye in Asia.
  12. In Tokyo, being called Gaijin is common.
  13. In Bangkok, many tourists are termed Farang.
  14. He’s known as a Laowai in Beijing.
  15. People in Hong Kong sometimes say Guilao.
  16. Locals referred to him as Salleh there.
  17. In Bali, tourists like him are Bule.
  18. Some Pakeha are learning the Maori language.
  19. In Gambia, children often shout, “Hey Toubab!”
  20. Village children were fascinated by the Mzungu.
  21. In their culture, he’s an outsider, a Gadjo.
  22. His Punjabi friends jokingly call him Gora.
  23. The market sellers greeted every Yovo warmly.
  24. Many Wazungu visit Tanzania for safaris.
  25. He ordered a Blanco coffee, no milk.
  26. In Brazil, they said he looked Branco.
  27. His skin was Weißen compared to others.
  28. In Paris, he was just another Blanc.
  29. Local kids said he looked so Bai.
  30. He stood out as a Lao in Hanoi.

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