20+ Slang for Fisherman (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Fisherman Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

A fisherman is an individual who catches fish, either as a profession or as a hobby. This activity can be done in various bodies of water.

Slang For Fisherman

Slang Words for Fisherman

  1. Angler: Recreational fisherman, hobbyist.
  2. Hooker: Experienced, good at fishing.
  3. Trawler: Operates big fishing vessels.
  4. Chummer: Throws bait to attract fish.
  5. Reeler: Good at reeling in fish.
  6. Lunker: Catches big, heavy fish.
  7. Netter: Uses nets for fishing.
  8. Gaffer: Skilled in gaffing fish.
  9. Bottom-feeder: Fishes at the sea bottom.
  10. Caster: Excellent at casting lines.
  11. Jigger: Uses jig fishing techniques.
  12. Spinner: Prefers using spinner baits.
  13. Twitcher: Good at twitching lures.
  14. Snagger: Hooks fish in non-traditional ways.
  15. Floater: Uses floats or bobbers.
  16. Dropper: Focuses on drop-shot fishing.
  17. Plunker: Fishes by letting bait sit.
  18. Popper: Uses popper lures effectively.
  19. Skimmer: Focuses on surface fishing.
  20. Ripper: Great at rip fishing techniques.

Use of Fisherman Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Emily is an avid angler, always at the lake.
  2. Jack’s a real hooker, never comes home empty-handed.
  3. With his large boat, Tom’s a trawler in the industry.
  4. Mary is a skilled chummer, attracting schools of fish.
  5. Mike is a reeler, pulling in fish with ease.
  6. He’s a lunker, caught a 30-pounder last week!
  7. Sara is a netter, mainly working on fishing boats.
  8. Jim is a proficient gaffer, no fish escapes him.
  9. Laura is a bottom-feeder, and loves the deep-sea game.
  10. Sam is a talented caster, and can throw miles away.
  11. Bob is a jigger, and knows how to dance the lure.
  12. She’s a spinner, and only uses spinner baits.
  13. Peter is a twitcher, his lure action is lifelike.
  14. Don is a snagger, and doesn’t follow the usual rules.
  15. Annie is a floater, and always uses bobbers.
  16. Susan is a dropper, all about that drop-shot.
  17. Rick is a plunker, and lets his bait do the work.
  18. Dave is a popper, surface game is his forte.
  19. Jane is a skimmer, and likes fishing on the surface.
  20. Steve is a ripper, mastered the rip technique.

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