20+ Slang for Jealous (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Jealous Mean?

“Jealous” describes a feeling of envy, insecurity, or resentment triggered by the perception that someone else possesses something desirable, such as a quality, possession, or relationship, which one lacks or fears losing. It often involves a sense of competitiveness or protectiveness.

Slang For Jealous

Slang Words for Jealous

Here is the list of slang words for Jealous with meanings:

  1. Green-eyed: Envious or desiring another’s possessions.
  2. Salty: Upset or bitter about someone’s success.
  3. Hating: Disliking someone due to envy.
  4. Throwing shade: Expressing contempt or disrespect.
  5. Butthurt: Overly or unjustifiably offended.
  6. Jelly: Short for jealous, wanting what others have.
  7. Vexed: Annoyed or frustrated because of envy.
  8. Feeling some type of way: Emotionally unsettled by someone’s actions.
  9. Bitter: Showing jealousy or resentment.
  10. Green with envy: Extremely jealous or desirous.
  11. Pressed: Overly concerned or obsessed about something.
  12. Sour grapes: Pretending to despise what you cannot have.
  13. Burning up: Feeling intense jealousy or envy.
  14. Gagging: Overwhelmed with envy or admiration.
  15. Side-eye: A glance of distrust or disapproval.
  16. Jocking: Admiring or imitating someone excessively.
  17. Stank face: A look of disapproval or envy.
  18. In your feelings: Feeling emotional or upset.
  19. Beefing: Having a grudge or issue with someone.
  20. Coveting: Wanting someone else’s possessions or attributes.

Use of Jealous Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Jealous:

  1. She was green-eyed when she saw her friend’s new car.
  2. Why are you so salty about his promotion?
  3. She’s just hating because you won the prize.
  4. He’s always throwing shade at successful people.
  5. She got butthurt when she wasn’t invited to the party.
  6. Are you jelly of her new shoes?
  7. He seemed vexed by his neighbor’s good fortune.
  8. She’s feeling some type of way about the compliment you gave her.
  9. He’s been bitter ever since she got the lead role.
  10. She was green with envy seeing her sister’s new dress.
  11. Why are you so pressed about his vacation plans?
  12. It’s just sour grapes because you didn’t win the lottery.
  13. He’s burning up over his friend’s success.
  14. She’s gagging over how cool his new phone is.
  15. She gave him the side-eye when he flaunted his new watch.
  16. Everyone’s jocking his style lately.
  17. She gave a stank face when she heard about the surprise party.
  18. He’s been in your feelings since he found out about the trip.
  19. They’ve been beefing ever since the incident.
  20. She’s always coveting other people’s designer bags.

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