30+ Slang for True (with Meanings & Uses)

What does True Mean?

True means being in accordance with facts, reality, or authenticity. It indicates something that is genuine, accurate, or sincere and is not based on falsehood or deception.

Slang For True

Slang Words for True

Here is the list of slang words for true:

  1. For real
  2. Facts
  3. Word
  4. No cap
  5. On point
  6. Legit
  7. Trill
  8. No lie
  9. Straight up
  10. Deadass
  11. No doubt
  12. For sure
  13. Yup
  14. Yea, no
  15. On the money
  16. Right on
  17. Totes (short for totally)
  18. 100 (or 💯)
  19. True
  20. No joke
  21. True dat
  22. On the nose
  23. Aight (short for “alright”)
  24. Spot on
  25. No BS
  26. Fr (short for “for real”)
  27. On God
  28. Real talk
  29. Facts no printer
  30. That’s it

Slang Terms for True with Meanings

  1. For real: Seriously, not joking
  2. Facts: That’s the truth
  3. Word: I agree
  4. No cap: No lie, telling the truth
  5. On point: Exactly right
  6. Legit: Genuine or accurate
  7. Trill: True and real combined
  8. No lie: Being honest
  9. Straight up: Honestly, without exaggeration
  10. Deadass: Seriously, not joking
  11. No doubt: Certainly, I agree
  12. For sure: Definitely
  13. Yup: Yes or agreed
  14. Yea, no: An affirmative response, akin to saying “yes, that’s correct”
  15. On the money: Exactly right
  16. Right on: I agree or that’s correct
  17. Totes: Totally, for sure
  18. 100 (or 💯): Completely true or agreed
  19. True: Agreement or assurance
  20. No joke: Seriously
  21. True dat: That’s true (a colloquial affirmation)
  22. On the nose: Precisely correct
  23. Aight: Alright or okay
  24. Spot on: Exactly right
  25. No BS: No nonsense, telling the truth
  26. Fr: Seriously, short for “for real”
  27. On God: Swearing on one’s truthfulness
  28. Real talk: Speaking honestly
  29. Facts no printer: Emphasizing that something is true
  30. That’s it: Exactly right or agreeing with the point

Use of True Slang in Example Sentences

  1. That new movie was awesome, for real.
  2. He said the party was wild, and that’s straight facts.
  3. You think pizza’s the best? Word.
  4. She said she’s moving to New York next month, no cap.
  5. His fashion sense is always on point.
  6. This certificate looks legit.
  7. His style is so unique; it’s trill.
  8. He’s heading to the concert now, no lie.
  9. She told him straight up that it was over.
  10. I’m deadass tired right now.
  11. That was the best concert, no doubt.
  12. She’ll be at the party, for sure.
  13. Was the meeting at 10 am? Yup.
  14. So you think he’s the culprit? Yea, no, I agree.
  15. Your estimation was on the money.
  16. You’re suggesting a road trip? Right on!
  17. I totes want to see that new film.
  18. She supports your decision 100.
  19. You’re bringing snacks? True.
  20. She climbed that entire mountain, no joke.
  21. This new burger place? True dat, it’s the best in town.
  22. Your guess was on the nose; it’s exactly $100.
  23. Can you make it by 7 pm? Aight.
  24. Your answer was spot on.
  25. He told me the story with no BS.
  26. Is he really going on a world tour? Fr?
  27. I didn’t steal the cookie, on God.
  28. Real talk, we need to sort this out now.
  29. Those shoes are stylish, facts no printer.
  30. You say the sky’s blue and the grass is green? Well, that’s it.

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