20+ Slang for Brooklyn (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Brooklyn Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Brooklyn is a borough of New York City and its name is derived from the Dutch town “Breukelen,” meaning “broken land.” It originally referred to the marshy landscape of the region.

Slang For Brooklyn

Slang Words for Brooklyn

  1. Bodega – Small convenience store
  2. Stoop – Front steps of a house
  3. Brick – Very cold weather
  4. Deadass – Completely serious
  5. Facts – Agreement or truth
  6. Chop cheese – A type of sandwich
  7. Buggin’ – Acting crazy
  8. Tight – Upset or angry
  9. Lit – Exciting or fun
  10. Ops – Enemies or opposition
  11. Son – Friend or buddy
  12. No cap – Not lying
  13. Jawn – Thing or person (borrowed from Philly slang but used in Brooklyn)
  14. Thirsty – Overly eager
  15. Sus – Suspicious or shady
  16. Wavy – Cool or stylish
  17. Yerr – Greeting or attention call
  18. Dub – W or win
  19. Lowkey – Subtly or secretly
  20. Highkey – Very obvious or certain

Use of Brooklyn Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. Grabbed some snacks from the bodega yesterday.
  2. Kids played on the stoop all afternoon.
  3. It’s brick outside, wear your jacket.
  4. Are you deadass about moving to L.A.?
  5. He told the story; I said, “Facts.”
  6. Craving a chop cheese from the deli.
  7. Why is she always buggin’ over nothing?
  8. He was tight about the missed call.
  9. That concert last night was totally lit.
  10. Watch out for the ops in that area.
  11. Met son at the basketball court today.
  12. That story’s unbelievable, but no cap.
  13. Check out that jawn in the window.
  14. He’s acting thirsty for some attention.
  15. That deal seems a bit sus to me.
  16. Those new shoes are absolutely wavy.
  17. Shouted “yerr” across the street to him.
  18. That excuse was a complete dub.
  19. I’m lowkey excited about the trip.
  20. She’s highkey the best singer here.

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