30+ Slang for Truth (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Truth Mean?

Truth refers to the state or quality of being in accordance with fact or reality. It is the opposite of falsehood or deception.

Slang For Truth

Slang Words for Truth

Here is the list of slang words for Truth with meanings:

  1. Facts – Confirming the statement’s accuracy.
  2. Realness – Genuine, not being fake.
  3. Straight up – Honestly, without deception.
  4. No cap – Not lying or exaggerating.
  5. Word – Agreeing; confirming it’s true.
  6. Bet – Agreement or assurance.
  7. Deadass – Seriously or truly.
  8. Legit – Authentic or real.
  9. Solid – Reliable or trustworthy.
  10. Gospel – Absolute truth or fact.
  11. 1K – One thousand percent true.
  12. No lie – Confirming honesty.
  13. F’real – Short for “for real.”
  14. No front – Without deceit or pretense.
  15. No flex – Not showing off, truthful.
  16. On God – Swearing on something sacred.
  17. Lowkey – Truthfully, but understatedly so.
  18. On the real – Genuinely or truly.
  19. Fr – Short for “for real.”
  20. No BS – Without nonsense or lies.
  21. A hunnid – One hundred percent genuine.
  22. Legitly – In a legitimate manner.
  23. Mando – Mandatory; absolute truth.
  24. Certified – Guaranteed or proven true.
  25. Raw – Unfiltered, unedited truth.
  26. Dope – Cool, but also genuine.
  27. No gas – Not exaggerating or hyping.
  28. Legit check – Validate or confirm authenticity.
  29. Stamped – Approved or verified.
  30. RNS – Real stuff or truth.

Use of Truth Slangs in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Truth:

  1. That’s facts, he’s the best player here.
  2. There’s so much realness in her poetry.
  3. I’m straight up tired of these games.
  4. That’s a genuine claim, no cap.
  5. “He’s leaving?” “Yes, word.”
  6. You’re coming to the party? Bet.
  7. Are you deadass about moving to Paris?
  8. The story he told is legit.
  9. That evidence? It’s solid, and not going anywhere.
  10. What she said is the gospel.
  11. Trust me, that’s 1K true.
  12. I saw it happen, no lie.
  13. That’s the best ice cream, f’real.
  14. I’m saying this with no front.
  15. I bought this jacket with no flex.
  16. He missed the shot, on God.
  17. I lowkey want to leave this party.
  18. He apologized, on the real.
  19. I miss her so much, fr.
  20. He won that award with no BS.
  21. This song is a hunnid good.
  22. That claim? It’s legitly verified.
  23. Doing that workout is mando for results.
  24. This certificate is certified by the government.
  25. Her feedback was raw and unfiltered.
  26. Your new shoes are dope.
  27. He told the story with no gas.
  28. Can someone give a legit check on these?
  29. This contract is stamped and official.
  30. He speaks the RNS, always honest.

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