20+ Slang for Blunt (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Blunt Mean?

“Blunt” means having a dull edge or point, lacking sharpness. Its origin traces back to the Old English word “blont,” referring to something dull or not sharp.

Slang For Blunt

Slang Words for Blunt

  1. Fatty: A large, thick blunt.
  2. Spliff: Marijuana-filled rolled cigarette.
  3. L or El: Rolled cannabis cigar.
  4. Doobie: Rolled marijuana joint.
  5. J or Joint: Rolled cannabis cigarette.
  6. Smokey: Marijuana-filled blunt.
  7. Cone: Tapered marijuana roll.
  8. Roach: End of smoked joint.
  9. Twist: Rolled cannabis cigar.
  10. L-rod: Marijuana-filled cigar.
  11. Bleezy: Blunt filled with marijuana.
  12. Tulip: Blunt rolled with care.
  13. Chopstick: Slim marijuana cigar.
  14. Cannon: Large marijuana cigar.
  15. Stogie: Rolled cannabis cigar.
  16. Slim: Thin marijuana cigar.
  17. Reefer: Rolled marijuana cigarette.
  18. Baby Leg: Thick blunt.
  19. Sweet: Blunt with added flavor.
  20. Lipstick: Rolled cannabis cigar.

Use of Blunt Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Rolled a fatty for the party tonight.
  2. Can you pass the spliff over here?
  3. He sparked an L and relaxed.
  4. Rolled up a nice doobie after work.
  5. Let’s light up a j outside.
  6. Passed around a smokey by the campfire.
  7. The cone burns slower than a joint.
  8. Don’t forget to save the roach!
  9. Rolled a tight twist for later.
  10. Shared an L-rod with friends.
  11. Let’s roll a bleezy and chill.
  12. Crafted a perfect tulip to smoke.
  13. Passed a chopstick at the gathering.
  14. He’s known for smoking cannons daily.
  15. Enjoyed a good stogie on the porch.
  16. Passed around a slim during the hike.
  17. Old-school vibes with a classic reefer.
  18. The party got wild with a baby leg.
  19. Added some flavor to the sweet blunt.
  20. She lit up a lipstick and smiled.

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