20 Slang for Taking Molly (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Taking Molly Mean?

“Taking Molly” refers to the act of consuming the recreational drug MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, which produces euphoric and empathetic effects.

Slang For Taking Molly

Slang Words for Taking Molly

Here is the list of slang words for Taking Molly with meanings:

  1. Rolling – Being under MDMA’s effects.
  2. Popping – Consuming a Molly pill.
  3. Dosing – Taking a specific amount of MDMA.
  4. Tripping – Experiencing drug-induced sensations.
  5. Thizzing – Feeling MDMA’s euphoric effects.
  6. Glowing – Radiating happiness post-consumption.
  7. Buzzing – Feeling the initial drug rush.
  8. Peaking – Experiencing MDMA’s maximum effect.
  9. Dropping – Swallowing the drug.
  10. Blasting – Getting hit hard by effects.
  11. Moonwalking – Feeling floaty or detached.
  12. Gurning – Grinding teeth due to MDMA.
  13. Frying – Being extremely high on Molly.
  14. Raving – Dancing or partying on MDMA.
  15. Lifting – Ascending into the high.
  16. Melted – Feeling extremely relaxed.
  17. Riding – Enjoying the drug’s journey.
  18. Floating – Feeling light or weightless.
  19. Wired – Being alert and energetic.
  20. Zinging – Experiencing sharp bursts of pleasure.

Use of Taking Molly Slang in Example Sentences

  1. We were at the concert, and he started rolling hard.
  2. She was popping a pill when the lights dimmed.
  3. They were cautious about dosing for the first time.
  4. He couldn’t believe he was tripping at the beach.
  5. The entire group was thizzing to the music.
  6. After the festival, she was still glowing from the experience.
  7. The crowd was buzzing as the DJ started.
  8. You could tell he was peaking by his wide smile.
  9. She was nervous about dropping for the first time.
  10. The music had him blasting off into another realm.
  11. With every beat, he felt like he was moonwalking.
  12. The gum helped prevent him from gurning too much.
  13. He spent the night frying with close friends.
  14. She loves raving more than anything else.
  15. As the music started, they felt themselves lifting.
  16. By the end of the night, they were completely melted.
  17. Everyone was just riding the wave of good vibes.
  18. With every beat drop, she felt like she was floating.
  19. Even late into the night, he was still wired.
  20. The lights and sounds had her zinging all night.

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