20 Slang for Coming Out (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Coming Out Mean?

“Coming out” refers to the act of publicly disclosing one’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or other personal attributes that may be socially or culturally sensitive. The term is often associated with LGBTQ+ individuals revealing their identities to friends, family, or the public.

Slang For Coming Out

Slang Words for Coming Up

  1. On Deck: Up next or scheduled soon.
  2. Upcoming: Imminent or happening soon.
  3. Next Up: The following event or person.
  4. In Queue: Waiting for one’s turn.
  5. In the Wings: Ready but not yet active.
  6. On Tap: Ready to go, lined up.
  7. Around the Corner: Happening soon.
  8. Nigh: Approaching quickly.
  9. On the Horizon: Visible but not yet here.
  10. Close at Hand: Near in time or place.
  11. Imminent: About to happen.
  12. Looming: Approaching in a threatening way.
  13. TBA: To be announced.
  14. Underway: Already in progress.
  15. Brewing: Something is developing.
  16. Pending: Waiting to happen.
  17. Afoot: Currently happening or developing.
  18. Slated: Scheduled for a specific time.
  19. Fast-Approaching: Quickly coming nearer.
  20. On the Docket: Scheduled, planned.

Use of Coming Out Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Your turn is on deck after Sarah’s.
  2. The upcoming event is going to be exciting!
  3. Jessica is next up for the presentation.
  4. You’re in the queue for the next available agent.
  5. The new actor is in the wings, ready to perform.
  6. Drinks are on tap for tonight’s party.
  7. Vacation is just around the corner.
  8. The deadline is nigh, so hurry up.
  9. New tech trends are on the horizon.
  10. Help is close at hand, don’t worry.
  11. Her promotion is imminent.
  12. The storm is looming over the coast.
  13. The next speaker is TBA.
  14. The project is already underway.
  15. Something big is brewing at the office.
  16. The decision is still pending.
  17. Changes are afoot in the company.
  18. The conference is slated for next month.
  19. The deadline is fast approaching; get moving!
  20. The case is on the docket for next week.

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