50+ Slang for Dice rolls (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Dice rolls Mean?

Dice rolls refer to the act of tossing one or more dice to generate random outcomes, commonly used in games and probability studies. The practice dates back to ancient times, appearing in various cultures as a form of entertainment, divination, or decision-making.

Slang For Dice rolls

Slang Words for Dice rolls

  1. Bones – The dice, often used in pairs.
  2. Boxcars – Rolling two sixes in craps.
  3. Snake Eyes – Rolling two ones, unlucky outcome.
  4. Trey – Rolling a three on dice.
  5. Deuce – Rolling a two, often unlucky.
  6. Yo – Slang for rolling an eleven.
  7. Midnight – Rolling a twelve, is often rare.
  8. Hardways – Rolling doubles, excluding snake eyes.
  9. Fever – Rolling a five, medium outcome.
  10. Nina – Rolling a nine, craps slang.
  11. Little Joe – Rolling a four, often with two twos.
  12. Acey-Deucey – A roll of one and two.
  13. Jimmy Hicks – The roll of six, craps lingo.
  14. Puppy Paws – Rolling two fours, totaling eight.
  15. Skate and Donate – Rolling a seven, can be unlucky.
  16. Easy Eight – Eight rolled without two fours.
  17. Big Red – Another name for rolling seven.
  18. Natural – Rolling seven or eleven, automatic win.
  19. Skinny Dugan – A roll resulting in loss, craps.
  20. Ozzie and Harriet – A pair, often rolling two fives.

Use of Dice Rolls Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He tossed the bones and hoped for the best.
  2. Wow, she just rolled boxcars on her first try!
  3. Ugh, not again. He rolled snake eyes.
  4. I’m betting he lands on a trey this time.
  5. Watch out, if you get a deuce, you lose.
  6. That’s a lucky yo right there!
  7. It’s nearly impossible to hit midnight.
  8. She’s got the hardways, rolling doubles all night.
  9. With a roll of fever, he advanced his token.
  10. Nina came up, so he scooped his winnings.
  11. Almost like magic, he rolled Little Joe.
  12. She shouted in glee, “It’s Acey-Deucey!”
  13. With Jimmy Hicks, he moved another space.
  14. Double fours! That’s puppy paws for you.
  15. If you skate and donate, you might lose everything.
  16. It wasn’t a hard eight, it was an easy eight.
  17. Look out, here comes Big Red again!
  18. With a natural, she stole the game.
  19. Unfortunately, that roll was a Skinny Dugan.
  20. He laughed, “We’ve got Ozzie and Harriet here!”

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