20 Slang for Coming Up (2024)

What does Coming Up Mean?

The phrase “coming up” generally refers to something that is about to happen or occur shortly. In different contexts, it can also imply rising to prominence or gaining in importance.

Slang For Coming Up

Slang Words for “Coming Up”

  1. On Deck: Next in line or sequence.
  2. Up Next: About to happen soon.
  3. Imminent: Extremely close to occurring.
  4. Nigh: Near in time or place.
  5. ‘Round the Corner: Coming very soon.
  6. Boutta: About to, on the verge of.
  7. In the Pipeline: Planned or expected soon.
  8. Looming: Approaching or impending.
  9. En Route: On the way, approaching.
  10. Forthcoming: Scheduled to appear or happen.
  11. Inbound: Approaching or coming towards.
  12. On Tap: Scheduled or planned.
  13. Upcoming: Happening soon.
  14. In the Wings: Waiting to make an appearance.
  15. Afoot: In progress, about to happen.
  16. On the Horizon: Expected to occur soon.
  17. On the Cards: Likely to happen soon.
  18. Pending: Awaiting to happen or be resolved.
  19. T-Minus: Counting down to an event.
  20. In the Offing: Expected to happen soon.

Use of Coming Up Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The next performer is on deck.
  2. Your coffee is up next.
  3. His promotion is imminent.
  4. The weekend is nigh.
  5. Christmas is just ’round the corner.
  6. She’s boutta graduate.
  7. A new project is in the pipeline.
  8. A storm is looming over the coast.
  9. The bus is en route to the station.
  10. A forthcoming event is in the calendar.
  11. Your package is inbound.
  12. The band has a concert on tap.
  13. The upcoming release is highly anticipated.
  14. She’s in the wings, ready to go on stage.
  15. Something is afoot in the neighborhood.
  16. Vacation is on the horizon.
  17. A proposal is on the cards.
  18. The decision is still pending.
  19. It’s T-minus 5 minutes until launch.
  20. A job offer is in the offing.

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