20 Slang for Ugly Man (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Ugly Man Mean?

A term referring to someone perceived as unattractive. Often used pejoratively, it can be subjective and influenced by societal standards.

Slang For Ugly Man

Slang Words for Ugly Man with Meanings

Here is the list of slang words for Ugly Man with meanings:

  1. Mugly: Man + Ugly. An extremely unattractive man.
  2. Goon: Very unattractive or odd-looking.
  3. Troll: Looks like they’re under a bridge.
  4. Goblin: Not the fairest of them all.
  5. Ghoul: Creepy, ghostly unattractive.
  6. Gremlin: Ugly, especially when wet.
  7. Mutant: Beyond ordinary ugly.
  8. Zombie: Dead-looking unattractiveness.
  9. Chud: Can’t look at it without flinching.
  10. Grotesko: Extremely unpleasing to the eye.
  11. Monstro: Large and unattractive.
  12. Hagman: Hag-like man. Very unattractive.
  13. Orcish: Ugly like a fantasy orc.
  14. Beastly: More beast than man.
  15. Minger: Highly unattractive individual.
  16. Gargoyle: Stone-cold ugly.
  17. Fugster: Fusion of fugly and hipster.
  18. Shrekky: Ogre-level unattractiveness.
  19. Blob: Formless and unappealing.
  20. Grimm: Ugly in a fairytale way.

Use of Ugly Man Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. He’s not just unattractive; he’s Mugly.
  2. Have you seen that Goon in the corner?
  3. He looks like a total Troll tonight.
  4. Why does he have that Goblin vibe?
  5. That dude’s a real-life Ghoul, isn’t he?
  6. Don’t feed the Gremlin after midnight.
  7. With that hair, he’s a total Mutant.
  8. He’s got a Zombie kind of charm.
  9. I can’t believe that Chud just winked at me.
  10. That guy’s look is purely Grotesko.
  11. The tall guy is kind of Monstro.
  12. Looks like the club’s resident Hagman is here.
  13. That guy has an Orcish kind of beauty.
  14. Can you believe how Beastly he looks?
  15. That’s one serious Minger right there.
  16. He looks like a church Gargoyle.
  17. Oh, look! It’s the neighborhood Fugster.
  18. He’s so Shrekky, it’s almost cute.
  19. Is that a man or a Blob?
  20. That guy’s look is straight-up Grimm.

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