20+ Slang for Dating (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Dating Mean?

Dating refers to the social activity where two individuals spend time together to assess each other’s suitability as a prospective partner. The term originated from the early 20th century, evolving from traditional courtship practices.

Slang For Dating

Slang Words for Dating

  1. Ghosting: Ending contact abruptly
  2. Benching: Keeping someone as backup
  3. Breadcrumbing: Sending sporadic messages
  4. Cuffing: Seasonal committed relationship
  5. DM: Direct message flirting
  6. Catfishing: Pretending to be someone else online
  7. DTR: Define the relationship
  8. FBO: Facebook official relationship
  9. FWB: Friends with benefits
  10. NSA: No strings attached
  11. Situationship: Undefined romantic relationship
  12. Zombieing: Coming back after ghosting
  13. Slide: Entering someone’s DMs
  14. Boo: Significant other
  15. Stashing: Hiding a relationship
  16. Love Bombing: Overwhelming affection initially
  17. Thirsty: Desperate for attention
  18. Swiping: Using dating apps
  19. Orbiting: Online stalking without contact
  20. Ship: Support a relationship

Use of Dating Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She was really hurt after he started ghosting her.
  2. He didn’t want commitment; he was just benching her.
  3. She kept breadcrumbing me but never made plans.
  4. They got together just for cuffing season.
  5. He decided to DM her after liking her post.
  6. She found out he was catfishing her all along.
  7. It’s time for us to DTR and move forward.
  8. They finally went FBO after three months.
  9. We’re not dating; we’re just FWB.
  10. They are looking for an NSA relationship.
  11. We’re not dating; it’s just a situationship.
  12. After weeks of silence, he started zombieing her.
  13. He decided to slide into her DMs.
  14. She introduced him as her boo at the party.
  15. He’s stashing her away from his friends.
  16. He was love bombing her in the beginning.
  17. She got tired of his thirsty messages.
  18. She spent the evening swiping on the dating app.
  19. She noticed he was orbiting her social media.
  20. Fans began to ship them after their on-screen chemistry.

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