30+ Slang for Rapping (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Rapping Mean?

Rapping refers to the rhythmic and poetic vocal delivery often accompanied by beats and music, commonly associated with hip-hop culture. It involves the skillful use of wordplay, rhythm, and cadence to convey messages, stories, or expressions.

Slang For Rapping

Slang Words for Rapping

Here is the list of slang words for Rapping with meanings:

  1. Spitting – Delivering rapid-fire lyrics confidently.
  2. Flowing – Smoothly delivering rap verses.
  3. Bars – Strong lyrical lines in a song.
  4. Cyphering – Freestyling in a circle with friends.
  5. Busting rhymes – Creating and delivering lyrics.
  6. Dropping heat – Releasing powerful rap content.
  7. Laying tracks – Recording rap verses in studio.
  8. Kicking knowledge – Rapping about profound insights.
  9. Gassing – Rapping with high energy.
  10. Wordplay – Clever use of words in rap.
  11. Ride the beat – Rapping in sync with rhythm.
  12. Slaying bars – Excellently delivering lyrics.
  13. Murking – Dominating with superior rap skill.
  14. Jotting – Writing down rap lyrics.
  15. Chopping – Rapid, articulate style of rapping.
  16. Dropping bombs – Rapping hard-hitting lines.
  17. Flexing verses – Showcasing superior rap skills.
  18. Mic burning – Rapping with intense passion.
  19. Throwing shade – Rapping with disses or insults.
  20. Kicking flows – Showcasing various rap styles.
  21. Spraying lines – Rapid delivery of rap lyrics.
  22. Lacing bars – Adorning a track with verses.
  23. Twisting tongues – Complex, fast-paced rapping.
  24. Roasting – Aggressively criticizing through rap.
  25. Blazing mics – Performing fiercely in rap battles.
  26. Crafting hooks – Creating catchy rap choruses.
  27. Popping verses – Delivering standout rap sections.
  28. Spazzing out – Rapping uncontrollably with passion.
  29. Throwing down – Engaging in a rap challenge.
  30. Elevating – Rising in skill and performance.

Use of Rapping Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term of Rapping:

  1. His new album has him spitting like a pro.
  2. When she’s flowing, everyone stops to listen.
  3. Those bars had the crowd going wild!
  4. They were cyphering in the park after school.
  5. He’s always busting rhymes in the hallway.
  6. That track you made is dropping heat!
  7. She’s in the studio laying tracks all day.
  8. That song had him kicking knowledge.
  9. The energy he brings when gassing is unmatched.
  10. His wordplay is next level.
  11. She really knows how to ride the beat.
  12. That newcomer is slaying bars!
  13. No one’s murking the game like him.
  14. He’s jotting new ideas for his mixtape.
  15. Tech N9ne is known for his chopping style.
  16. She came out dropping bombs on that feature.
  17. He’s always flexing verses on his tracks.
  18. The passion? He’s straight mic burning.
  19. In his new single, he’s throwing shade at critics.
  20. He’s kicking flows we’ve never heard before.
  21. She was spraying lines during the entire freestyle.
  22. The way he’s lacing bars is unique.
  23. Twista’s known for twisting tongues with his lyrics.
  24. His latest track is roasting his haters.
  25. At the battle, they were blazing mics non-stop.
  26. She’s crafting hooks that everyone’s humming.
  27. I love when he starts popping verses.
  28. He’s spazzing out in his latest release.
  29. Ready to throw down in a rap battle?
  30. With every song, he’s elevating the game.

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