20+ Slang for Drugs (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Drugs Mean?

Substances used to treat illness or induce certain feelings. Often, they can be abused or misused.

Slang For Drugs

Slang Words for Drugs

  1. Grass – marijuana in its herbal form.
  2. Molly – pure form of MDMA/ecstasy.
  3. Blow – another term for cocaine.
  4. Acid – refers to LSD.
  5. Dope – often means heroin or marijuana.
  6. Ice – crystallized methamphetamine.
  7. Bennies – amphetamine pills.
  8. Roofies – slang for Rohypnol.
  9. Shrooms – psychedelic mushrooms.
  10. Haze – a type of marijuana strain.
  11. Ket – short for ketamine.
  12. Percs – Percocet or oxycodone pills.
  13. Yaba – a mix of methamphetamine and caffeine.
  14. Bud – another term for marijuana.
  15. Candy – club drugs or ecstasy.
  16. Dank – potent marijuana.
  17. Tabs – LSD in tablet form.
  18. Beans – ecstasy or MDMA pills.
  19. Chalk – methamphetamine in powder form.
  20. Crack – form of cocaine that’s smoked.

Use of Drugs Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I found some grass in his backpack.
  2. He was dancing all night on Molly.
  3. She got caught with some blow at the party.
  4. They took acid and went to the forest.
  5. That song talks about the dangers of dope.
  6. Ice is highly addictive and dangerous.
  7. He’s been taking bennies to study all night.
  8. Be careful of drinks; someone might slip in roofies.
  9. They went camping and took shrooms.
  10. That haze strain is pretty popular here.
  11. Ket is sometimes used in clubs.
  12. People misuse percs leading to addiction.
  13. Yaba is a growing concern in some regions.
  14. Pass the bud and let’s relax.
  15. Clubbers often seek candy on weekends.
  16. That dank is some of the best around.
  17. He dropped a couple of tabs at the festival.
  18. They’re selling beans outside the concert.
  19. Chalk is a cheaper version of the drug.
  20. The streets have seen a rise in crack usage.

Slang Words for Drug Dealer

  1. Peddler – Sells small quantities.
  2. Pusher – Distributes narcotics actively.
  3. Supplier – Provides drugs in bulk.
  4. Dope Man – Street-level dealer.
  5. Junkman – Sells opiate-based drugs.
  6. Narco – Latin-American term for dealer.
  7. Candyman – Specializes in stimulants.
  8. Score Man – Provides a quick sale.
  9. Hook-Up – Informal, occasional seller.
  10. Kingpin – High-level drug operator.
  11. Mule – Carries and sells drugs.
  12. Slanger – Street-savvy, fast seller.
  13. Corner Boy – Sells on street corners.
  14. Shot-Caller – Directs smaller dealers.
  15. Chemist – Produces and sells drugs.
  16. Broker – Middleman in drug deals.
  17. Runner – Delivers for a dealer.
  18. Flipper – Deals multiple drug types.
  19. Trapper – Sells in high-risk areas.
  20. Capo – Involved in organized crime.

Use of Drug dealer Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He was known as a small-time peddler.
  2. The undercover cop arrested the pusher.
  3. Their supplier got busted last week.
  4. The Dope Man is on the corner.
  5. The junkman specializes in heroin sales.
  6. A narco was captured in a raid.
  7. The Candyman deals mostly in stimulants.
  8. I got a quick fix from Score Man.
  9. John is the hook-up for party drugs.
  10. The kingpin was finally taken down.
  11. The mule was caught at the border.
  12. That slanger always has what you need.
  13. The corner boy keeps watch for cops.
  14. A shot-caller directs the other dealers.
  15. The chemist produced his own meth.
  16. The broker set up the deal.
  17. The runner was caught by police.
  18. The flipper offers weed and pills.
  19. A trapper sells in dangerous areas.
  20. The capo oversees multiple operations.

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