20+ Slang for Follower (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Follower Mean?

A follower is someone who supports and admires a particular person, group, or cause. In digital contexts, it also refers to a person who subscribes to someone’s social media account.

Slang For Follower

Slang Words for Follower

  1. Fanboy/Fangirl – Extremely dedicated, obsessive fan.
  2. Stan – Overzealous or obsessive fan.
  3. Groupie – Fan of a music band.
  4. Minion – Loyal, unquestioning aide.
  5. Stalker – Overly intrusive or creepy fan.
  6. Sidekick – Close companion, often in a subordinate role.
  7. Wannabe – Aspires to be like someone else.
  8. Sheeple – Followers lacking critical thinking.
  9. Disciple – Dedicated follower of a teaching.
  10. Peep – Friend or follower; generally positive.
  11. Homie – Close friend or follower.
  12. Roadie – Crew member, often a follower.
  13. Yes-man – Always agrees, uncritical follower.
  14. Lurker – Observes but doesn’t participate.
  15. Ride-or-die – Loyal till the end.
  16. Posse – Close-knit group of followers.
  17. Sycophant – Flattering for personal gain.
  18. Tagalong – Follows but isn’t fully included.
  19. Underling – Subordinate, lesser follower.
  20. Hanger-on – Clings for personal advantage.

Use of Follower Slang in Example Sentences

He’s a major fanboy of that gaming streamer.

  1. She’s a Stan of the pop star, no doubt.
  2. He joined the tour as a groupie.
  3. She treats him like a minion, unfortunately.
  4. The celebrity felt her stalker was threatening.
  5. Batman and his sidekick, Robin, saved the day.
  6. He’s just a wannabe, not the real deal.
  7. Don’t be sheeple, think for yourself.
  8. As a disciple of yoga, she practices daily.
  9. They’re my peeps, I trust them.
  10. She’s my homie, we go way back.
  11. He started as a roadie for the band.
  12. Stop being a yes-man, have your own opinions.
  13. He’s a lurker on the online forum.
  14. She’s my ride-or-die, always there for me.
  15. His posse is always around him.
  16. She’s a sycophant, who just wants a promotion.
  17. Tim felt like a tagalong at the party.
  18. As an underling, he did all the dirty work.
  19. She’s just a hanger-on, looking for benefits.

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