20+ Slang for Mustache (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Mustache Mean?

A “mustache” is a facial hair growth pattern characterized by a strip of hair that grows above the upper lip, varying in thickness and shape, and is often groomed or styled for personal aesthetics. It’s a distinctive feature of many men’s facial appearances.

Slang For Mustache

Slang Words for Mustache

Here is the list of slang words for Mustache with meanings:

  1. ‘Stache: A shortened form of mustache.
  2. Lip broom: A humorous term for a mustache.
  3. Face lace: Whimsical term for mustache.
  4. Mouth brow: Playful name comparing it to an eyebrow.
  5. Crumb catcher: Refers to a mustache’s tendency to trap food.
  6. Lip rug: A hairy piece above the upper lip.
  7. Flavor saver: Joking about trapped food or drink.
  8. Nose neighbor: The facial hair just below the nose.
  9. Whisker bridge: Connecting nose to mouth with hair.
  10. Snot mop: A jest at a mustache’s location.
  11. Face furniture: A decorative element on the face.
  12. Muzzle mitten: A playful, warm term for mustache.
  13. Kisser canvas: Relates to the area around the lips.
  14. Lip toupee: Fake hair, but naturally grown.
  15. Mouth mane: A lion’s mane for the mouth.
  16. Soup strainer: Joking about trapping liquids.
  17. Cookie duster: Playfully suggests dusting off crumbs.
  18. Lip sweater: Warm and fuzzy like a sweater.
  19. Mouth merkin: Whimsical and playful descriptor.
  20. Taste tickler: Play on the sensation of the mustache.

Use of Mustache Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Mustache:

  1. Check out his new ‘stache; it’s quite dapper.
  2. He’s grown quite the lip broom recently.
  3. His face lace got a lot of compliments.
  4. Have you seen his thick mouth brow?
  5. My dad’s crumb catcher is iconic in our family.
  6. That’s a unique looking lip rug you’ve got there.
  7. The drink left in his flavor saver made us laugh.
  8. He’s been grooming his nose neighbor all month.
  9. His whisker bridge is a conversation starter.
  10. Don’t blow your nose; you’ve got a snot mop!
  11. His face furniture adds so much character.
  12. Winter is coming; time for a muzzle mitten.
  13. The artist painted a beautiful kisser canvas.
  14. Is that a lip toupee or are you just happy to see me?
  15. He’s proud of his robust mouth mane.
  16. His soup strainer saved him from a messy lunch.
  17. After dessert, his cookie duster was quite evident.
  18. He knitted his lip sweater for months.
  19. Comedians often joke about the mouth merkin.
  20. Every sip tickles, thanks to the taste tickler.

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