40+ Slang for Baseball (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Baseball Mean?

Baseball is a team sport in which players hit a ball with a bat and run bases to score, originating in the United States. A baseball player is an individual who competes in this sport, either professionally or recreationally.

Slang For Baseball

Slang Words for Baseball & baseball player

  1. Ace: Team’s top pitcher.
  2. Bag: A base.
  3. Batter’s box: Hitter’s standing area.
  4. Bullpen: Pitchers’ warming area.
  5. Catcher’s mitt: Catcher’s glove.
  6. Changeup: Slow deceptive pitch.
  7. Cleanup: Fourth batter position.
  8. Closer: End-game relief pitcher.
  9. Curveball: Pitch that curves.
  10. Dinger: A home run.
  11. Double play (DP): Two outs in one play.
  12. Fastball: Speedy straight pitch.
  13. Fly ball: Ball hit upwards.
  14. Foul ball: Ball hit outside lines.
  15. Full count: 3 balls, 2 strikes.
  16. Glove: Fielder’s hand protection.
  17. Going yard: Hitting a home run.
  18. Grand slam: Home run with bases loaded.
  19. Ground ball: Ball hit downwards.
  20. Heat: High-speed pitch.
  21. Homer: Home run.
  22. Knuckleball: Unpredictable pitch.
  23. Leadoff: First batter in lineup.
  24. No-hitter: No hits allowed game.
  25. On deck: Next to bat.
  26. Pinch hitter: Substitute batter.
  27. Reliever: Substituting pitcher.
  28. Rookie: First-year player.
  29. Safe: Reaching base successfully.
  30. Shutout: No runs allowed game.
  31. Slider: Breaking sideways pitch.
  32. Southpaw: Left-handed pitcher.
  33. Steal: Running to next base.
  34. Sticky stuff: Illegal grip aids.
  35. Strike zone: Valid pitch area.
  36. Triple play: Three outs in one play.
  37. Walk-off: Game-ending hit.
  38. Whiff: A strikeout.
  39. Wild pitch: Uncontrolled pitch.
  40. Yakker: A big curveball.

Use of Baseball & baseball player Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The team’s ace dominated the entire game.
  2. He sprinted to the next bag quickly.
  3. He stepped into the batter’s box confidently.
  4. Pitchers warmed up in the bullpen.
  5. The new catcher’s mitt looked sturdy.
  6. He was deceived by a changeup.
  7. He bats in the cleanup spot.
  8. The team’s closer sealed the victory.
  9. He threw a deceptive curveball.
  10. He celebrated his first dinger joyously.
  11. They executed a perfect double play.
  12. The batter missed the blazing fastball.
  13. He caught the high fly ball.
  14. The ball landed as a foul ball.
  15. Tension rose with a full count.
  16. She bought a new leather glove.
  17. With that swing, he’s going yard.
  18. The crowd cheered for the grand slam.
  19. The infielder grabbed the ground ball.
  20. He couldn’t hit the heat.
  21. Everyone cheered for the massive homer.
  22. The batter struggled with the knuckleball.
  23. Their best player is the leadoff.
  24. The pitcher achieved a no-hitter tonight.
  25. The next player was on deck.
  26. They called in a pinch hitter.
  27. A reliever was summoned from the bullpen.
  28. The rookie amazed everyone with his skills.
  29. He slid into third, shouting “I’m safe!”
  30. The pitcher recorded another shutout.
  31. The slider fooled the opposing batter.
  32. Their southpaw throws with incredible spin.
  33. The runner decided to steal second base.
  34. The pitcher was caught using sticky stuff.
  35. The pitch was outside the strike zone.
  36. They incredibly turned a triple play.
  37. The game ended with a walk-off homer.
  38. That pitch resulted in a whiff.
  39. The game turned on that wild pitch.
  40. He struggled against the spinning yakker.

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