20+ Slang for Knife (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Knife Mean?

A “knife” is a handheld cutting tool with a sharp-edged blade, usually used for slicing, chopping, or piercing various objects, such as food or materials. Knives come in various shapes and sizes for different purposes.

Slang For Knife

Slang Words for Knife

Here is the list of slang words for Knife with meanings:

  1. Shank – Improvised stabbing weapon, often homemade.
  2. Blade – Sharp-edged cutting implement.
  3. Cutter – Tool or device for slicing.
  4. Sticker – Pointed weapon for stabbing.
  5. Stiletto – Slim dagger with a pointed blade.
  6. Switch – Folding knife with spring action.
  7. Razor – Sharp-edged instrument for shaving.
  8. Chiv – Informal term for a knife, often sharp.
  9. Dagger – Short, pointed weapon for stabbing.
  10. Skiv – slang for a small blade.
  11. Piece – Slang for a weapon, including a knife.
  12. Iron – Metaphor for a hard weapon or knife.
  13. Toothpick – Thin instrument, a metaphor for a small knife.
  14. Steel – Slang referring to the material, indicating knife.
  15. Flicker – Refers to a knife with a retractable blade.
  16. Scraper – Tool or knife used for scraping.
  17. Spiker – Pointed weapon, similar to a sticker.
  18. Slicer – Tool specifically designed for cutting.
  19. Edger – Tool with a sharp boundary or knife.
  20. Tanto – Japanese short blade or knife.

Use of Knife Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Knife:

  1. He tried to hide his shank under the mattress.
  2. That’s a sharp-looking blade you have there.
  3. I lost my apple cutter in the kitchen.
  4. Be careful, that’s not just a sticker.
  5. The assassin preferred a stiletto for close combat.
  6. His switch popped out in a split second.
  7. He carried a razor in his boot for emergencies.
  8. They found a chiv in his backpack during the search.
  9. The ancient artifact was a gold-plated dagger.
  10. I’ve got a tiny skiv for opening letters.
  11. She keeps a piece in her purse just in case.
  12. Don’t mess with him; he’s got iron in his pocket.
  13. That’s not just a toothpick, it’s also a weapon.
  14. He sharpened his steel before every mission.
  15. The flicker was her favorite tool for quick tasks.
  16. The artist used a scraper for his woodwork.
  17. The warrior carried a sharp spiker in battles.
  18. Use the slicer for the bread, it’s easier.
  19. The craftsman edged the wood with an edger.
  20. Traditional warriors often used a tanto for defense.

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