20+ Slang for Husband (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Husband Mean?

A husband is a man who is married to a woman. He is typically expected to be a partner in a marital relationship, sharing responsibilities and privileges with his wife.

Slang For Husband

Slang Words for Husband

  1. Hubby: Spouse; often affectionate.
  2. Better Half: Partner, usually equal.
  3. Mr. Right: Ideal or perfect husband.
  4. Old Man: Informal; often older spouse.
  5. S.O.: Significant Other; relationship partner.
  6. Boo: Romantic partner; endearing.
  7. Ball and Chain: Comical; feels restricting.
  8. Main Squeeze: Most important partner.
  9. Hunk: Physically attractive husband.
  10. Big Daddy: Dominant; often older.
  11. Romeo: Very romantic partner.
  12. Beau: Boyfriend or husband; often classy.
  13. Stud: Handsome and virile husband.
  14. King: Respected, admired husband.
  15. Captain: Leader in the relationship.
  16. Bae: Before Anyone Else; treasured.
  17. Mister: Formal; sometimes sarcastic.
  18. Her Indoors: U.K. slang; home-focused.
  19. Partner-in-Crime: For adventurous couples.
  20. Soulmate: Perfect emotional match.

Use of Husband Slang in Example Sentences

  1. My hubby always remembers our anniversary.
  2. I’m shopping with my better half today.
  3. She finally found her Mr. Right.
  4. The old man is mowing the lawn.
  5. My S.O. and I are going camping.
  6. I’m watching a movie with my boo.
  7. She jokes that he’s her ball and chain.
  8. My main squeeze is cooking dinner tonight.
  9. Wow, your hunk is quite the gentleman.
  10. Big Daddy knows how to fix cars.
  11. Romeo here just sent me roses.
  12. My beau is taking me to the opera.
  13. Your stud looks handsome in that suit.
  14. She calls him her king lovingly.
  15. The captain is making all the plans.
  16. My bae is the best at surprises.
  17. Mister forgot the groceries, again.
  18. Her Indoors are watching the game too.
  19. My partner-in-crime is always up for an adventure.
  20. I can’t imagine life without my soulmate.

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