20+ Slang for Bipolar (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Bipolar Mean?

Bipolar refers to a mental disorder characterized by extreme mood swings between mania and depression. The term originates from “bi-” (two) and “polar” (extremes), indicating two contrasting mood states.

Slang For Bipolar

Slang Words for Bipolar

  1. Bipolar Lite: A less severe form.
  2. Rapid cycler: Quick mood changes.
  3. Manic: High energy phase.
  4. High: Euphoric mood state.
  5. Low: Depressed mood state.
  6. Swinging: Changing moods.
  7. On a rollercoaster: Unpredictable mood changes.
  8. Flipping: Switching mood states.
  9. Zooming: Being in mania.
  10. Crashing: Falling into depression.
  11. Wired: Overly energetic.
  12. On the edge: Unstable mood.
  13. Zoned out: Disconnected or depressed.
  14. Peaking: Reaching manic heights.
  15. Tanking: Deeply depressed.
  16. Turbo-charged: Extremely manic.
  17. Flat: Low energy or depressed.
  18. Buzzing: Energetic, possibly manic.
  19. In the dumps: Feeling very low.
  20. Skyrocketing: Mood elevating quickly.

Use of Bipolar Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He feels like he’s experiencing Bipolar Lite.
  2. My friend is a rapid cycler nowadays.
  3. She seems a bit manic this week.
  4. Lately, he’s been feeling really high.
  5. She’s been really low after the breakup.
  6. He’s been swinging between moods lately.
  7. It’s like she’s on a rollercoaster emotionally.
  8. Without warning, he started flipping between states.
  9. Last night, she was totally zooming.
  10. After the party, he ended up crashing.
  11. She’s so wired; it’s hard to follow.
  12. He’s been feeling on the edge recently.
  13. During the meeting, she was zoned out.
  14. He’s peaking; it’s hard to calm him.
  15. She’s been tanking since the bad news.
  16. With that coffee, he’s turbo-charged now.
  17. The whole day, he felt really flat.
  18. After the news, she was absolutely buzzing.
  19. He’s been in the dumps all week.
  20. Her mood is skyrocketing after the compliment.

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