20+ Slang for Boss (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Boss Mean?

Boss means a person in charge or in control of a situation or group. The term originates from the Dutch word “baas,” meaning “master” or “chief.”

Slang For Boss

Slang Words for Boss

  1. Big Cheese – Important person.
  2. Head Honcho – Top leader.
  3. Top Dog – Main leader.
  4. Big Wig – Important official.
  5. Big Shot – Important person.
  6. Skipper – Team leader.
  7. Captain – Person in charge.
  8. Chief – Leader or head.
  9. HMFIC – Head person in charge (Note: the acronym includes a profanity).
  10. Ringmaster – One controlling everything.
  11. Sheriff – Person enforcing rules.
  12. Kingpin – Main person in operation.
  13. Mastermind – Brain behind operations.
  14. Big Gun – Major player.
  15. Heavy Hitter – Influential person.
  16. Shot Caller – Decision maker.
  17. Top Banana – Main person.
  18. Big Enchilada – Significant person.
  19. Numero Uno – Number one person.
  20. Main Man – Principal male leader.

Use of Boss Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She’s the Big Cheese in our department.
  2. Marco became the Head Honcho overnight.
  3. He’s the Top Dog in marketing now.
  4. That executive is a real Big Wig.
  5. She’s a Big Shot in the tech industry.
  6. Call the Skipper if you’re unsure.
  7. She’s the Captain of this project.
  8. He’s the Chief of the sales team.
  9. She’s the HMFIC around here.
  10. With so many acts, he’s the Ringmaster.
  11. He’s the Sheriff when she’s away.
  12. In this gang, he’s the Kingpin.
  13. He’s the Mastermind behind the plan.
  14. She’s the Big Gun in negotiations.
  15. He’s the Heavy Hitter in real estate.
  16. She’s the Shot Caller in this group.
  17. He’s the Top Banana in the company.
  18. In our club, she’s the Big Enchilada.
  19. She’s the Numero Uno in the field.
  20. That’s her Main Man for consultations.

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