20+ Slang for Language (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Language Mean?

Language is a system of communication that uses symbols, words, and rules to convey thoughts, ideas, and emotions among individuals or within a community. It serves as a means for humans to express and understand complex concepts and is a fundamental aspect of human culture and society.

Slang For Language

Slang Words for Language

Here is the list of slang words for Language with meanings:

  1. Lingo: The specialized language of a group.
  2. Jargon: Technical language of a profession.
  3. Dialect: Regional variation of a language.
  4. Patois: Rural or provincial speech.
  5. Argot: Secret language of a certain group.
  6. Vernacular: Native language of a region.
  7. Slang: Informal nonstandard vocabulary.
  8. Cant: Jargon of a particular group.
  9. Tongue: Native or acquired language.
  10. Gibberish: Nonsense or meaningless speech.
  11. Speak: Way or style of talking.
  12. Babble: Rapid, incoherent talk.
  13. Bro-talk: Informal chat between friends.
  14. Mumbo-jumbo: Complicated language, hard to understand.
  15. Buzzwords: Trendy terms in an industry.
  16. Gabble: Rapid and unintelligible talk.
  17. Chatter: Continuous light talk.
  18. Blabber: Talk long-windedly without making sense.
  19. Double-talk: Deliberately ambiguous or evasive language.
  20. Prattle: Talk at length in a foolish way.

Use of Language Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms of Language:

  1. She quickly picked up the local lingo.
  2. Medical jargon often confuses patients.
  3. His dialect revealed his southern roots.
  4. The islanders have their own patois.
  5. Thieves use argot to communicate secretly.
  6. The vernacular architecture is truly beautiful.
  7. Teenagers often come up with fresh slang.
  8. Few understood the cant of that subculture.
  9. Spanish is her mother tongue.
  10. Stop talking in gibberish and clarify.
  11. I love the way you speak.
  12. He tends to babble when nervous.
  13. They shared some laughs over bro-talk.
  14. This manual is full of mumbo-jumbo.
  15. Companies love using the latest buzzwords.
  16. Stop your gabble and get to the point!
  17. Their continuous chatter was distracting.
  18. Sometimes he’d blabber without thinking.
  19. Politicians often resort to double-talk.
  20. She tends to prattle about her cats.

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