20+ Slang for Poor Person (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Poor Person Mean?

A “poor person” refers to an individual who lacks sufficient financial resources and material wealth to meet their basic needs and maintain a reasonable standard of living within their society or community. This term is used to describe someone experiencing economic hardship and limited access to essential resources.

Slang For Poor Person

Slang Words for Poor Person

Here is the list of slang words for Poor Person with meanings:

  1. Broke: Lacking funds; without money.
  2. Skint: British term for penniless.
  3. Flat broke: Completely out of money.
  4. Dirt poor: Extremely impoverished.
  5. Hard up: In a tight financial spot.
  6. Strapped: Short on cash.
  7. Pennyless: Without a single penny.
  8. Busted: Out of money; bankrupt.
  9. Down-and-out: Facing severe financial strain.
  10. Stone broke: Absolutely no money left.
  11. On the breadline: Living at the poverty level.
  12. In the red: Owing more money than owned.
  13. Short: Not having the necessary amount.
  14. Tapped out: Drained of financial resources.
  15. Brassic: UK slang for being penniless.
  16. Without a dime: Having no money.
  17. Dead broke: Utterly without funds.
  18. Cashless: Having no cash on hand.
  19. Outta pocket: Not having money available.
  20. Ragged: Appearing worn due to poverty.

Use of Poor Person Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Poor Person:

  1. She realized she was broke after checking her account.
  2. I’ve been skint since I lost my job.
  3. Ever since the accident, he’s been flatbroken.
  4. The family was dirt poor but very loving.
  5. He’s been hard up since the company closed.
  6. I can’t go out tonight; I’m strapped.
  7. After paying rent, she felt pennyless.
  8. The unexpected bill left them busted.
  9. The recession left many down and out.
  10. After the vacation, they were stone broke.
  11. Many families are living on the breadline nowadays.
  12. My account is in the red after that purchase.
  13. I’m short on rent this month.
  14. I can’t lend you any; I’m tapped out.
  15. I’ve been feeling brassic lately.
  16. She traveled without a dime in her pocket.
  17. After the market crash, he was dead broke.
  18. Most stores won’t accept me being cashless.
  19. I can’t help you; I’m outta pocket right now.
  20. His clothes were ragged from years of use.

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