20+ Slang for Happy (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Happy Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Being happy refers to experiencing joy, contentment, or positive emotions. It is the opposite of feeling sad, depressed, or unhappy.

Slang For HappY

Slang Words for Happy

  1. Stoked: Very excited or pleased.
  2. Jazzed: Highly enthusiastic.
  3. Lit: Fun and exciting.
  4. Chuffed: Extremely pleased.
  5. Pumped: Eager and excited.
  6. Buzzing: Energetically happy.
  7. Ecstatic: Extremely joyful.
  8. Giddy: Lightly and playfully happy.
  9. Elated: Extremely happy and proud.
  10. Psyched: Very excited for something.
  11. Overjoyed: Extremely happy.
  12. Amped: Energized and excited.
  13. Thrilled: Very pleased and excited.
  14. On Cloud Nine: Extremely happy.
  15. Chipper: Cheerful and lively.
  16. Jubilant: Feeling great happiness.
  17. Blissed Out: Extremely relaxed and happy.
  18. Upbeat: Optimistic and happy.
  19. Tickled: Delighted, pleased.
  20. Cheery: Bright and happy.

Use of Happy Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I’m stoked to go to the concert tonight.
  2. She’s pumped about her new job offer.
  3. He’s really jazzed about the upcoming game.
  4. She was over the moon with her results.
  5. He felt ecstatic after hearing the news.
  6. The whole room was buzzing with excitement.
  7. I was elated when I found out.
  8. He was chuffed with his promotion.
  9. The party last night was totally lit.
  10. She’s amped for the weekend getaway.
  11. I’m so giddy, I can’t stop smiling.
  12. They were thrilled to see each other.
  13. She’s cheesing so hard in that photo.
  14. He was geeked about the tech conference.
  15. We were blissed out on our honeymoon.
  16. The team was jubilant after the win.
  17. I was tickled by the surprise gift.
  18. She’s on Cloud Nine after getting engaged.
  19. He feels groovy after acing the test.
  20. I’m feeling zippy today, let’s do something fun!

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